26 High DA Blog Aggregators that Accept Blog Submissions

Promoting content on the web is one of the hardest jobs for bloggers and content creators. Luckily, this list has 26 high DA blog aggregators that accept blog submissions will help you gain some mileage.

What is content aggregation and why would someone need it?

Content aggregation involves collection of useful resources within a specific niche. The owners of such a page regularly scan the web for updated information and add the updates to the already existing database.

As a blogger/content creator, you need content aggregators to increase the visibility of your content across the web. When you promote your content by using an aggregator, you put it in front of thousands of readers from across the globe.

That exposure is giving you a chance to push good content to the top since many people will love it. The compounded effect will lead to more exposure and more targeted traffic to your page. Furthermore, you will be able to get a back-link to your site, which will improve your domain authority (DA) and move your site up the search engines.

There are many blog aggregators on the web; some are free while others are paid. The payment form can either be monetary or placing a back-link to the aggregator site on a prominent page of your site.

Most of these directories require you to create an account to list your blog. Even though this is a passive form of marketing, its beauty lies in the fact that it only requires you to submit your blog once.

The high DA blog aggregators that accept blog submissions include:

1. Alltop

Alltop is the best free blog aggregator according to this list. It only accepts to list blogs offering the best quality content on the web.

Being featured is extremely difficult, even for the established brands. However, that should not be a deterrent factor since you have everything to gain by trying to be listed.

Browse through various topics that interest you. You can have a quick access to your topics by using the alphabetically arranged menu at the top of the page.

The submission form is not prominently displayed on the page; scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the “submissions” button. If your content is listed in the most popular stories then you will have an avalanche of traffic to your website.

2. BlogCatalog

Blog Catalog lists many categories under which you can submit your blog. You will need to register with the site and create your profile to submit your blog. It is an influential directory that can give you a lot of traction when you create excellent content. You will be able to create and maintain your followership on the platform.

Blog catalogs are structured in such a way that the search engines love to crawl them on a regular basis to find and index new content. Listing here will increase the frequency with which the search engines will visit your webpage and index your urls. This will increase your visibility on the web as more of your links get indexed.

Most importantly, these catalogs get lots of incoming links, so, they tend to give reciprocal outbound links (inbound links for you!) to keep the required balance between inbound and outbound links. Listing your blog here may give you an avalanche of traffic if your content rises to the top.

However, that is not always the case. Even then, you have nothing to lose since you stand to gain links and traffic ultimately. You can join their affiliate program and make money with your content. Listing is free for personal non-business blogs.

Business bloggers like wedding bloggers, SEO agencies, event planning bloggers, will have to part with up to $500 per year to list on Blog Catalog.

3. Bogarama

Blogarama has been around for quite some time. It is popular and has more categories than AllTop. There is a free version where you can list your site without paying a penny and a paid version. You must create an account to submit your blog for listing.

Approval can be quick depending on the category under which your blog falls. If you recently added your blog, it will appear on the recently added blogs section, which increases its visibility to all the users currently accessing the webpage. With  domain authority (DA) of 67, a backlink from Blogarama is quite effective in raising your site integrity across the web.

4. Blogrific

A relatively young aggregator on the block. It is easy to join and listing is less tedious. Due to the small community, your content will rise to the first page much faster and you will be able to gain more traffic within a shorter time.

It has nearly 2 million registered bloggers who actively participate on the site. You must register and create an account before you can submit your blog for listing. It has a domain authority (DA) of 20. Pretty small but still very useful to brand a new site.

5. Jayde

This is a B2B search engine and directory that lists businesses in a number of categories. It is free to list a business on Jayde and the listed business website must run on its own domain.

The search engine uses a special algorithm to push up results based on user interaction with your content on the site. It has over 2 million listings on the site already. Jayde is also relatively popular with a domain authority of 55, which makes a backlink from the site worthy of the effort you will make to get listed.

6. Ontoplist

Humans edit this directory making it very accurate and relevant to your needs. Submission is easy but approval could take several weeks since the editors have to take time with each submission to ensure that they meet the listed requirements and also fall within the relevant category.

Once your site is listed, they have an in-house analytics, which will use your site’s authority to push it up the pages within its category. You will need a graphical badge with a link back to the site for that functionality to work. Domain authority (DA) is 66.

7. Reddit

Reddit may have one of the ugliest interfaces on the web but the community there does not mind that fact. In fact, it is one of the most active communities you will find out there. There are sub-categories for virtually any topic you can imagine, which helps in refining your search and targeting your content to the right audience.

Once you create an account on Reddit, you can go ahead and scour the site for the right sub-reddit to submit your links. Make sure you do not spam the platform. Always be helpful whenever you submit your links. Give the community something valuable.

8. Webdesigner News

It has a beautiful user interface and aggregates sites about Web design, Infographics, Apps, Usability, Typography, and other related Resources. There is a “Submit News” button at the bottom of the page, which will open a submissions window. They evaluate each post to ensure that they meet all the minimum requirements before publication.

The site has a domain authority (DA) of 47, which makes it quite a strong ally if you are looking to improve the reputation of your site on the web. It has a section about the most popular content, which you can use to inspire your next blog post or design project.

9. Designer News

Similar to Webdesigner News and curates content about design. However, unlike Webdesigner News, Deisgner News does to categorize its content. You need to register and create an account with the site to submit a story.

The page has a domain Authority (DA) of 54 making it pretty strong source for a worthy backlink. Getting on the front page is not easy; it could bring you direct business if you manage to do and  more traffic to your site.

10. Hacker News

Does not have a fancy interface. It is more like Reddit. You need to register and create an account before you can submit a link. This site aggregates content from sites about web design, internet tech, web development, and tech news. With a domain authority (DA) of 87, you do not want to lose an opportunity to put up your blog here.

11. Pineapple.io

It describes itself as “a central hub of Tutorials, Tools and Assets for developers and designers.” If your site is about web development and/or programming, this is the directory you want your content to feature in. Getting to the top is not difficult since they have a section for the most recent content and all-time favorites.

You will have to list your site under one of the three categories and you have a chance of adding up to five tags to help with search on the site. It has a domain authority (DA) of 28, which is quite simple to crack for new blogs.

12. Stumble Upon

This site turns up results in a completely randomized manner. You select categories you would love to search and it yields random results based on those interests. You can chose to vote up or down based on how you like the content it brings up.

Submit your blog to the site and list it under relevant categories. Someone searching for content under those categories might just stumble upon your content. If you have excellent contented, most people will vote it up and increase the visibility of your site. An increased visibility will lead to a reciprocal increase in traffic to your site.

13. Digg

Digg aggregates sites with content about technology, news, entertainment, sports or science. It has a domain authority (DA) of 98; a hot resource for improving your integrity on the web.

To submit a link, scroll to the bottom of the page and find a submission link, which you can use to list your link. You need to have an account on Digg to submit a story.

14. Delicious

Looks like Digg, only a little less popular. You have the freedom to add your content links to the site and tag them using appropriate keywords to help with the search. You can set the visibility of the links to appear publicly or hidden from the public.

The biggest disadvantage of this aggregator is that, you must remain very active on this platform if you want to see your links up there.

15. Fark

Fark’s popularity cuts across different age groups and social statuses. It covers content from different categories such as Entertainment, Sports news, Business insights, and Politics. You can also share links about Geeky stuff and interesting videos. It has a domain authority (DA) of 77, which is very high for an aggregator of its caliber.

Submitting a link is easy but getting on the front page of Fark is not a walk in the park. They handpick only the best. In fact, they plainly state that only 5% of all the links submitted to Fark make it to the front page. You need to be well acquainted with their policies to increase your chances of being accepted, featured even.

16. Inbound.org – The best aggregator for copywriters and marketers

All marketers need to syndicate their sites here. It is a rich resource for marketers and all marketers will be headed to Inbound to look for the freshest information on marketing, the most recent case studies, or related information.

Some of the most popular categories at Inbound include E-Commerce, Content Marketing, B2B Marketing, Startup Marketing, SEO Copywriting, Email, and Branding. After creating your account on the site, you will be able to share your blogs and article links.

The best thing with Inbound is the fact that you get targeted traffic that is ready to consume what you have to offer. They are not some random surfers who drop on your site by accident. This will improve your conversion rates tremendously. Inbound.org has a domain authority of 70, which makes its links very valuable to your site.

17. BizSugar.com

This is a business suite for small business owners. They exchange information, news, and tips on how to run their businesses better. You need to register and create account before you can be able to participate on the forum.

You should be liberal with information on this platform and you must not shy away from sharing information from other sites. In fact, they will ban you from the site if all you ever do is promote your own links.

With such a dedicated community, you are likely to reap big if you find the correct balance of sharing your links.

18. AffDaily.com

This is a niche content aggregator for affiliate marketing sites. Getting on this site is not difficult. However, the competition is stiff due to the large number of sites already operating within this niche. You will have to struggle to get to the top.

However, if you have content that people love, they will push you up and increase your visibility, which will have a positive effect on your traffic. Affbuzz.com is the other affiliate marketing aggregator with a domain authority of 37.

19. Scoop

With scoop, you will be able to submit your blog under the relevant category and get the opportunity of being listed alongside some of the most respected brands including SAP Insightly, Renault-Nissan, Docker, etc.

You will be able to get access to resources that will inspire your next project since you are privy to the information courtesy to this site. The site has a domain authority (DA) of 86 making it an indispensable ally in SEO.

Paid Blog Aggregators

1. Best of the Web

This is a collection of websites that have the best content in their respective categories. All the submissions are edited by people and the process is efficient. They ensure that only the best make the cut and being listed could be a major boost to your blog.

You will be featured alongside some of the best-known brands such as Gizmodo, Tech Crunch, Huffington Post, and Mashable. This site has a domain authority (DA) of 67 making it a stable ally when you are looking to improve your integrity on the web.

Listing on this site is not free. You will have to pay either $149 per year recurrent fee or a one-time fee of $299. However, there is a 60-day free trial of their service.

2. Blog Engage

Probably one of the most active blogger communities around the web. They have a steep barrier to entry since you have to part with a substantial sum of money to create an account.

The owner of the site reviews all submissions and promotes them to the visitors on the main page and social media pages as well. People who access your content can vote it up or down depending on how they like it. If you manage to get more upvotes, your content could reach the top where more users will be able to see it.

Syndicating your content here will help you gain much referrals from your readers leading to increased targeted traffic to your page. This site has a domain authority (DA) of 48, which makes its backlinks quite valuable for your site. (They offer do-follow links).

Pricing starts at £4.99 per month. Paying £39.99 per month guarantees you a spot on the front page.

3. BloKube

This is a community for the like-minded bloggers. It is the place where bloggers meet to share ideas, content strategy and marketing ideas. It is a platform where bloggers create and nurture relationships for personal and business growth. You can share multiple posts simultaneously and reach a wider audience with your content.

To eliminate the need to manually post your content links whenever you create them, Blokube charges a service fee for creating an autoposter that will automatically search your blog and update them. Blokube has a domain authority of 41. Pricing for the service costs £1.99 per month or £5.99 per year.

4. EatonWeb

EatonWeb allows you to submit a blog with three descriptive keywords that will allow the search engine robots to associate your blog with those search terms. Getting on this directory is not easy due to the heavy price tag that only the big players are willing to pay.

If your pockets are deep enough, this directory will be a worthy choice since it will allow you to be listed alongside the giants like The Huffington Post. You will need to consistently churn out great content for your listing to rise to the top.

The human editors use the indices of content quality, frequency (and consistency) of posting, and the overall rate of rise to gauge content posted on the site. This site has a domain authority (DA) of 53. They charge a submission fee of $34.99 for every URL uploaded to the site.

5. Blog search engine

Blog Search Engine is an inventory of blogs on the web. It gives you an opportunity to feature your blog on the front page as well as on social media. You will be able to get your blog in front of people who might have never known that your blog exists.

An editor will review your blog and write press release – featured on the site – and provide a backlink to your site. Your blog review will be featured alongside a screen grab of your site. They will also promote your blog on Facebook and Twitter to increase visibility and reach.

This site has a domain authority (DA) of 49. Its links are quite powerful. They charge $29.99 for the Standard Package and $39.99 for the Silver Package.

6. SutraDirectory

SutraWeb prides itself as the family friendly web directory for blogs. All the submissions are manually reviewed by humans to ensure that they meet the required standards and are listed under the right categories.

They will not list any website that has adult content. Submission is quite straightforward since the payment process is integrated. All blogs (in English language) are submitted using the button on the main menu. They have a separate submission process for the non-English blogs.

SutraDirectory has a domain authority (DA) of 43. They charge $24.99 (one time) for regular unlimited listing, $49.99 per year premium listing or a $149 (one time) unlimited listing.

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