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209+ Popular Magazines & Blogs That Pay Writers (3 Of Them Pay $1.7 Per Word)

Guest posting is a mutually beneficial discourse, both to the writer and to the publication. As a writer, you get access to a new audience and build links to your website for traffic. The blog owner gets to add variety of perspectives to their site by introducing their audience to diverse writers with fresh ideas. They add fresh content to their blog without spending the extra effort required to write.

Ghostwriting robs from you the opportunity to establish your name. You need to establish your name through guest posting if you are going to command higher rates for your services. If you are new to freelance writing and don’t know where to start, click the banner below and get started with our accelerated freelance writing course. It costs whatever you decide to pay.

This elaborate list contains publications that will pay you cash money (I have to specify because many outlets pay writers in exposure), give you exposer through a byline/profile page, and allow you to link to your blog, product or resource page.

It is a huge list and since websites are updated daily, you may find a broken link or a publication that is no longer accepting submissions. Please let me now in the comments and I will update the list promptly. You are free to make suggestions for inclusion into the list.

Christian Blogs That Pay Writers

The Upper Room

  • Niche: Prayer and Devotion. A publication for the youth by the youth to strengthen their faith in Christianity.
  • Payment: $25 – $100 per post.


  • Niche: Christian Writing. They publish articles that intersect the Christian faith and theology with national security, foreign policy, political theory, defense, terrorism, and a lot of other political/policy related issues.
  • Payment: $100 – $1,000 per article.


  • Niche: Christian, Personal Stories. Calling for personal stories from people with considerable achievements having overcome some obstacles and learned lessons through their faith.
  • Payment: $250 per post.

Vibrant Life

  • Niche: Mixed Christian Topics. Focuses on wholesome healthy living (physical, mental and spiritual) with a Christian perspective.
  • Payment: $100 – $300 per post.

Science Blogs That Pay Writers

Greater Good

  • Niche: Science. Approaches science from a storytelling angle.
  • Payment: up to $350.


  • Niche: Coastal Science & Societies. They’re looking for news and views (300 -600 words), features (1000 – 5000 words) and videos are needed. For videos and visuals, include production budget (including equipment rentals, travels, salaries, licensing fees, etc.) in the pitch.
  • Payment: Competitive, (as much as $1 per word).


  • Niche: Sci-Fi, Poetry. All Sci-Fi stories including short fiction, serials, fact articles and poetry.
  • Payment: $0.08 – $0.10 per word.

Education Blogs That Pay Writers

AVID (Advancement Via Individual Determination)

  • Niche: Education. A non-profit establishment helping teachers prepare learners for college, future career and later life. Accepting contributions from educators.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

Teaching Tolerance

  • Niche: Teachers. Interested in the national Pre K-12 educators discussing social justice, diversity and multi-culturalism.
  • Payment: $1 per word.

American Educator

  • Niche: Teachers. Covers the subject of teaching on the aspects of policy formulation and labour. Also highlights trends within the sector.
  • Payment: Up to $300 per post.

Back to College

  • NicheEducation. Articles geared towards older learners. You could help them find scholarships, study methods among other relevant topics.
  • Payment: $55 per article.

The Change Agent

  • NicheAdult Education. All about adult education.
  • Payment: $50 per article.

We Are Teachers

  • Niche: Education. Accepting submissions on teacher-life and education. The audience is teachers and the story is told from a teacher’s perspective.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

Feminist Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Feminism. Accepting journalistic pieces highlighting entrepreneurship, positivity among other social issues.
  • Payment: $100 to $2,000 depending on length and depth of content.


  • Niche: Feminism. They cover Canadian culture, politics, fiction, interviews, feminist correspondence, etc.
  • Payment: $100 for print pieces, $50 for blog posts.

Bitch Media

  • NicheFeminism. Feminist response to mainstream media and pop culture. Appears both in print and digital format.
  • Payment: $150 – $1000 depending on the nature of the article.

Femme Feminismis

  • Niche: Fashion and Feminism. Seeking to create an inclusive community for women, feminine and non-binary individuals to discuss feminism and fashion.
  • Payment: $75 – $100 for essays with accompanying photos.

Business / Entrepreneurship Blogs That Pay Writers

Ecommerce Insiders

  • Niche: Business. Focused on online business ownership with special interest on retail-oriented entities on aspects of marketing, operations, loyalty, design, etc.
  • Payment: $75-150 per 600-word article.


  • Niche: Subject Matter Experts. Seeking opinions of subject matter experts on HR issues.
  • Payment: $195 per article plus bonus.

B. Michelle Pippin

  • NicheMarketing/Making Money Online. First-hand experience of subject matter experts, not just any other writer shooting their shot. The article should cater to women entrepreneurs.
  • Payment: $50 – $150 per accepted article.

The Ken

  • NicheTechnology, Learning, Entrepreneurship. Seeking submissions on multiple niches including business, learning, entrepreneurship, health, etc. Focuses on India and Southeast Asian audience.
  • Payment: $.25 per word.


  • Niche: B2B. Seeks content focused on B2B content for newsrooms. You can contribute short articles or elaborate case studies.
  • Payment: $200 to $500 depending on depth of content.

Smart Business Trends

  • Niche: Online Marketing. Seeks articles on online marketing trends including email marketing, Amazon FBA, drop shipping, etc.
  • Payment: $100 to $200 for well-researched tutorials, product reviews and case studies.

Online Business / Marketing / SEO Blogs That Pay Writers

Income Diary

  • Niche: Online Business/Make Money Online. Focuses on building an online business with special emphasis on building an audience, creating content, getting traffic and monetizing the content. You can cover topics on web design, social media marketing, conversion optimization, etc.
  • Payment: up to $500 per article.

Rank Pay

  • Niche: SEO/Content Marketing/Social Media. As the name suggests, this publication focuses on search engine optimization and other tactics to help rank content on the search engines for organic traffic.
  • Payment: $50 per post.

Self-Improvement Blogs That Pay Writers

Mental Floss

  • Niche: Self Improvement. Helps people improve their mental acuity through quizzes and rare facts.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Better Humans

  • NicheSelf Improvement. Personal experiences or research pieces highlighting the human potential and self-improvement. Do not waste your time writing lists or opinion posts. Everything you write must be factual and evidence-backed.
  • Payment: $500 per article.

Yoga International

  • Niche: Yoga/Meditation. Best place for yoga enthusiasts to share their meditation pieces and get paid.
  • Payment: $50 – $200 per post.

Sci-Fi & Story Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Sci-Fi. This award-winning outlet is looking for contributors to write about science fiction. Bring your sci-fi idea to life by putting it down in writing. You never know who will read it.
  • Payment: $500 – $1,380 per article.


  • Niche: Sci-Fan-Fic. They welcome submissions for consideration for publication in The Science Fiction and Fantasy Writers America magazine in both digital and print.
  • Payment: $0.06 per word.

Harper’s Magazine

  • Niche: Mixed. This is an open cheque. You can write about anything. Just head over to the blog and see the type of content they publish.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Fantasy and Science Fiction

  • Niche: Sci-Fan-Fic. If you love science, fantasy and fiction, this is your best outlet to share your ideas with a dedicated audience and get paid doing it.
  • Payment: Up to $3000 per article.

The New Yorker

  • Niche: Stories, etc. Has a huge global fan base eagerly waiting to read your short story. They have an editorial calendar, so, you may have to wait for more than six months.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Asimov’s Science Fiction

  • Niche: Sci-Fi. Internationally recognized outlet in the Sci-Fi world. You get access to a loyal fan base when you get your work published here.
  • Payment: Up to $1,600 per story.

Chicken Soup for the Soul

  • Niche: Personal Stories. You can write your story or report a story that happened to someone you know provided it is funny or interesting. They also have a book series but the turn around time for the book can be quite long.
  • Payment: $200 per post.


  • Niche: Mixed. You can write thoughtful essays covering issues affecting people over 50. They also cover topics on money, food, travel, relationships, health and fitness and general interest pieces.
  • Payment: Attractive.

Expat Life Blogs That Pay Writers

Prepare for Canada

  • Niche: Life in Canada. Shares articles about moving and settling in Canada, finding work and other opportunities for people moving to Canada.
  • Payment: $25 – $50 per article.

Daring Abroad

  • Niche: Work from Home, Investment, Business. Shares opportunities available for people moving into a new country including business and investment opportunities they can exploit. You can share your travel stories here.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

International Living

  • Niche: Living/Retiring Abroad. Shares tips on living and/or retiring outside the US. Share investment and money saving tips.
  • Payment: up to $400 per post.

Italian America

  • Niche: Expat Lifestyle. Shares Italian related stories to an Italian audience in America or with interest in America.
  • Payment: $350 per post.

Finance Blogs That Pay Writers

Elite Personal Finance

  • Niche: Finance. Share tips on personal finance, making money online, credit cards, identity theft, saving money. This website spends hundreds of thousands of dollars annually on content, consider it for long-term work.
  • Payment: $100 per post.


  • Niche: Investment and Crypto. Seeking for ever-green long form content relevant to the blog. They cover investment and trading on crypto assets.
  • Payment: $250 per article.

Elite Personal Finance

  • Niche: Personal Finance, Credit, Make Money Online. Seeking contributions covering all aspects of personal finance, credit cards, credit reports, loans, identity theft, etc.
  • Payment: $100 per article.

The Freshbooks Blog

  • Niche: Tax, Accounting. Share your expertise on taxes, accounting and other financial essentials.
  • Payment: $200 per post.

Money Pantry

  • NicheEarning/Saving Money. All about strategies of earning and saving money. Share your stories with a twist, stating facts and backing it with numbers.
  • Payment: $30 – $150 per article.

Crypto Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. You can work as a writer, trader or analyst. Strong background in crypto and trading experience an added bonus. You must commit to producing at least five articles per month at the beginning and three articles as you advance the ranks.
  • Payment: Unspecified.


  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. They do not restrict content strategy. You can also work with their list. They prefer people with at least some experience (more experienced writers earn more).
  • Payment: Payment in crypto or fiat; amount unspecified.


  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. They are looking for a news Writer/Journalist who will deliver precise, snappy, relevant news articles to our readers and have the ability to select and deliver intriguing stories. No click bait titles.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

NXT Alpha

  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. They publish company analysis oriented articles and are into blockchain. They are looking for submissions on original reporting, analysis, commentary or a combination of all three
  • Payment: Original pieces unpublished anywhere else are eligible for compensation.

Crypto Briefing

  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. They are specifically looking for news reporters. Opinion, features, guides and tutorials are NOT what they are looking for. You should be able to identify primary and secondary sources and enjoy your work.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Total Crypto

  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. According to their website, their “mission is to provide honest guides and articles to help you learn about cryptocurrency and give you knowledge safely trade coins like Bitcoin, Ripple and Ethereum.”
  • Payment: Unspecified.

AMB Crypto

  • Niche: Cryptocurrency, Blockchain Tech, Virtual Currency. They are looking for news tips, suggestions, or a guest article.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Food, Culture and Destination Blogs That Pay Writers

Serious Eats

  • Niche: Food/Cooking/Eating. Seeking for contributions on the topics of food, cooking and eating. Share specific tips about foods you think people should try out.
  • Payment: $100+ per article.

The Establishment

  • Niche: Culture, Curio. Share stories about ideas, items and places that are often overlooked by the mainstream media.
  • Payment: $125 – $500 per article.

Inside 485

  • NicheFood/Culture. Specifically shares stories about food, culture and lifestyle in Charlotte. You can share personal narratives, review bars and restaurants, and share tips on local events through editorial pieces.
  • Payment: $50 per article.

Eat Your World

  • Niche: Food and Drink Guide, Destinations. Shares stories about regional foods and drinks from various destinations around the world. Articles should be accompanied by photos.
  • Payment: $25 – $40 per food/drink article and $300 – $500 per destination article with HD photos.

Politics / General Interest / News Blogs That Pay Writers

The Nation

  • Niche: Opinion, National Interest. You can share analyses of news and developments or create an in-depth report on various issues including civil rights and liberties, economics, environment, labour, feminism, politics and privacy policy issues.
  • Payment: $150 – $500 per post.

Lobe Log

  • Niche: General. Query first if your content idea is relevant to the publication as they share issues on topics relating to the US foreign affairs.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

The Sun Magazine

  • Niche: News & Events. Heavy bias on literary articles.
  • Payment: Up to $2000 per post.

Belt Magazine

  • Niche: General. Another open cheque. Write about any topic related to the Rust Belt region. You can do an essay, comprehensive report or a commentary.
  • Payment: $25 – $1000 per post.


  • Niche: Mixed. Focuses on politics, policy, civil rights, race, disability, LGBTQ, gender, sex and cultural trends.
  • Payment: $150 for essays and $300 – $500 for features.

Eureka Street

  • Niche: Mixed. Shares stories on a wide range of topics ranging from politics to religion, current affairs, ethical analysis, fiction and poetry. Caters to the Australian audience.
  • Payment: $200 per article or short fiction piece.

East Bay Express

  • Niche: Regional. Focuses their interesting content about arts, culture and news pieces on East Bay Area and Berkeley, Oakland.
  • Payment: $120 for news stories, up to $600 for cover features.

The Progressive

  • Niche: Politics. Major focus on politics.
  • Payment: up to $1300 per article.

Global Comment

  • Niche: General. You can share a well thought out essay, opinion piece, film review, book review, music or art to the national or international audience.
  • Payment: $50+ per post.

Foreign Policy

  • Niche: Global Affairs/Policy. Focuses on foreign policy and global affairs on the spheres of politics, finance, culture, business and other world events.
  • Payment: up to $1 per word.

High Country News

  • Niche: News & Events. Offers one of the highest paid writing opportunities even though they are a non-profit organization. Their news pieces cater to the American West. Features can run to 10000 words long.
  • Payment: $0.50 – $1.50 per word with 25% kill fee.

Informed Comment

  • Niche: Politics/Foreign Policy. Focuses on foreign policy issues affecting the Middle Eastern and South Asian regions. You can cover human rights issues, women’s rights, workers’ rights, religious discrimination, climate change, energy, etc.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

The Diplomat

  • Niche: Regional: Asia-Pacific. Covers issues on pop culture, arts, environment, development, security, defense, intel, and geo-political trends within the region.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

The Christian Science Monitor

  • Niche: News & Events. Independent media house focusing on contemporary issues with national focus.
  • Payment: $200 – $225 per post but can go higher depending on the work involved.


  • Niche: General. They are calling for pieces that relate to topics and subject matters researched, studied and exhibited by the Smithsonian Institution including science, pop culture, history and innovation.
  • Payment: up to $0.60 per word.

The American Interest

  • Niche: American Policy, Politics, Culture. This bi-monthly magazine focuses on American policy, politics, and culture. You can submit feature essays and book/film reviews on the highlighted topics.
  • Payment: $200 per article.

Human Rights / Social Justice Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: People with Disabilities. They share well-balanced and engaging stories about people with disabilities, aiming to share their plight with the world to make the public more aware of their needs.
  • Payment: $250 per post.

Rooted in Rights Blog

  • Niche: Writers with Disabilities. Seeking articles and op-eds contributions by writers who identify as disabled on disability rights topic.
  • Payment: From $100 per post.

City Lab

  • Niche: Social Issues, Design. Journalistic magazine highlighting current and future metropolitan life and its pertinent issues including design challenges and social issues.
  • Payment: Reportedly averages 25 cents per word.

Lifestyle / Entertainment Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Mixed. They cover news and politics, food, entertainment, science and health, talks and TV series, and life stories.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Immersion Magazine

  • Niche: Fashion and Entertainment. Helps independent artists to promote their work to professional level and to reach the masses.
  • Payment: $50 -$100 per post.


  • Niche: Pop Culture. They cover topics of pop culture, music, tv, games, books, tech, and assorted geek culture from a specific point of view.
  • Payment: $50 per article, paid upon publication of the article.

Girls’ Life

  • Niche: Girls. Covers issues affecting girls like boys-girls’ relationships, fashion, grooming and then throws in a little bit of celebrity gossip.
  • Payment: $300 per post.

NY Times’ Modern Love Column

  • Niche: Personal Stories.  This column on the New York Times is calling on freelance contributors to write personal stories with special interest on marriage, dating, relationships and parenting.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

L.A. Affairs

  • Niche: Dating. Covers popular stories and issues surrounding the dating scene in Southern California.
  • Payment: $300 per article.


  • Niche: Mixed. A big publication covering many topics. Go to their website and scan through to see what resonates well with your creative spirit at the moment. Submit your pitch for consideration.
  • Payment: $100 per essay.

Music Tuts+

  • NicheMusic. Belongs to Envato blog network. They’re calling on freelance writers to submit articles on music and/or sound engineering. You can tailor your piece as a quick tip, something the reader will read, digest and grasp quickly.
  • Payment: $50 per article.

The Dance Journal

  • NicheDancing. They are specifically calling on writers in Philadelphia region to contribute to the journal. When accepted, you’ll be expected to contribute about two pieces per month.
  • Payment: $50 per article.

Home, Kitchen & Gardening Blogs That Pay Writers

Blade Magazine

  • Niche: Knives. The best way to know what to pitch to this publication is by first going to their blog and reading past publications. They will only consider relevant posts.
  • Payment: $150 – $300 per article.

Backwoods Home

  • Niche: Rural Living. Publishes material on self-reliance and rural living. If you have interest in off-grid living, producing your own food, building your own home, etc., then this is your outlet.
  • Payment: $40 to $200 per article.


  • NicheHomesteading/Gardening. They are interested in homesteading and gardening. You can share pieces that help people with DIY projects at home and how to take care of their homes and farms.
  • PaymentUnspecified.

wiki Espresso Machine

  • Niche: Home, Kitchen and Gardens. Calling on freelance writers to contribute informational articles about home, gardening, kitchen and dining. You can write about ranging topics within the scope of the publication including tools, equipment, technology, appliances, food, etc.
  • Payment: $100 per article.

The American Gardener

  • Niche: Gardening. The American Gardener id published by the American Horticultural Society, which means that it is pretty established. They cover all topics on farming and gardening.
  • Payment: $150 – $600 per post.

Outdoors / Adventure Blogs That Pay Writers

Paddling Magazine

  • Niche: Canoes. Dedicated to canoeing. Publishes three issues per year. Feature length-articles run to 2000 words long.
  • Payment: $0.20 per word.

Maine Boat, Homes & Harbors

  • Niche: Maine Boats. Covers topics about homes, boats and boating in Maine. Typical article length runs between 500 – 1500 words long.
  • Payment: $250 – $500 per article.

Country Magazine

  • Niche: Country Living. If you are laid back and love to live away from the hustle and bustle of the city, this is the best outlet for you to share your experience as a country dweller.
  • Payment: Up to $250 per post.

Sporting Classics

  • Niche: Fishing. Love fishing? Share your articles here. Yu can talk about your fishing routine and the equipment you use. You can also share nifty tips new entrants may overlook when just starting out.
  • Payment: $300 – $700 per post.

The Chronicle of the Horse

  • Niche: Equine. Of course, it is about horses and horse-related recreational/sporting activities including dressage, hunting and jumping, foxhunting, and steeplechase racing.
  • Payment: $150 – $250 per news story.


  • Niche: Kit & Amateur Aircrafts. Dedicated to a community of kit and amateur built aircrafts.
  • Payment: $250 – $1,000 per post.

Bird Watching Daily

  • Niche: Birds. Dedicated to birds and bird watching. They have strict rules on conservation of nature.
  • Payment: $400 per post.

Sport Fishing Magazine

  • Niche: Fishing. As the name suggests, this publication caters to the needs of sport fishing enthusiasts. Freelance writers are welcome to share their ideas and stories with the publication’s dedicated followers.
  • Payment: $250 – $750 per post.

Hoof Beats Magazine

  • Niche: Equine. Dedicated to harness racing and stories are by writers in the harness racing arena.
  • Payment: $100 – $500 per post.

Wooden Boat

  • Niche: Wooden Boats. All about wooden boats, their usage and their owners. You can share articles on designing, engineering and building of wooden boats.
  • Payment: $250 – $300 per post.

Gray’s Sporting Journal

  • Niche: Outdoors, Angling, Hiking. Grays Sporting Journal revolves around the great outdoors like hiking, fishing, hunting, etc.
  • Payment: $100 – $1250 per feature article, $600 for yarns, and $100 per poem.

Desert USA

  • Niche: Adventure/Wildlife. They are calling on writers to contribute articles about travel, wildlife, geology, desert lore and cultural/natural history of the North American Desert regions.
  • Payment: $50 per article.


  • Niche: Adventure, Remote Work. They write about packing, gear, and clothes specifically to the city traveler. Length – 1000 – 3000 words.
  • Payment: From $100 per article.

Go East

  • Niche: Outdoors, Adventure. They cover outdoor trip ideas, backpacking, photography, inspiration, beta, news, and stories catering to the northeastern United States.
  • Payment: Gift cards worth between $75 and $100, plus contributor bonuses worth $75 – $300 across the different tiers.

Children & Parenting Blogs That Pay Writers

Youth Today

  • Niche: Youth Affairs. Covers current issues affecting the youths with perspective of helping policymakers and caregivers to best help the young people. They are calling on freelance contributors to write on the topics of money, best practices, professional development, funding, etc.
  • Payment: $150 – $2000 per article.

A Fine Parent

  • Niche: Parenting. Calling on parents to contribute articles on parenting.
  • Payment: $75 per article.

Fun for Kidz

  • Niche: Activities for Children. They “deal with timeless topics, such as pets, nature, hobbies, science, games, sports, careers, and anything else likely to interest a child.” Each issue revolves around a theme.
  • Payment: $0.05 per word.

Cricket Magazine

  • Niche: Sports. Targets young readers and articles typically run to 2000 words in length.
  • Payment: $0.25 per word.

Brain, Child

  • Niche: Parenting, Mothers. This publication favours long form content of literary nature focused on mothers. Should be detailed, well-thought out and well formed.
  • Payment: Unspecified but competitive.

Alaska Parent

  • Niche: Parenting. Publishes content on everything concerning bringing up a child including pregnancy, having fun as a family and bringing up a child. Content is focused on Alaska natives.
  • Payment: $40 to $200 per article.

Metro Parent

  • Niche: Parenting. Catering to the needs of parents in their parenting journey, raising their child from birth all the way to college. Emphasis is laid on content relevant to Michigan audience but they’re also open to broad content.
  • Payment: $35 to $350 depending on a lot of factors.

Monterey Bay Parent

  • NicheParenting. Calling for contributions by freelance writers about fun places to visit, things to do as a family, and other undiscovered treasures. Must be relevant to Monterey and Santa Cruz Counties.
  • Payment: $75 per article.

The National Research Center for Parents with Disabilities

  • Niche: Parents with Disabilities. This publication is calling on parents with disabilities to submit their parenting articles. It is owned by the Lurie Institute for Disability Policy at Brandeis University.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

Baby and You

  • Niche: Parenting. They blog about general fertility and local New Zealand fertility articles. Length – 400 – 1000+ words. Writers must be based in New Zealand.
  • Payment: $20 – $100 per post depending on length.

Family Story

  • Niche: Family. They calling for “personal essays and opinion pieces for their blog.” People of color and/or LGBTQIA+ are encouraged to apply. Length – 600 to 1,200 words.
  • Payment: $100 per post.


  • Niche: Parenting. They’re looking for practical parenting tips for today’s technology-filled environment. Length – 1500 to 2000 words.
  • Payment: $100 per article.

Washington Post on Parenting

  • Niche: Parenting. They’re looking for interesting pieces on parenting; can be reported piece or personal essay. Length – not more than 1200 words. Turnaround time can be long.
  • Payment: Up to $2.50 per word.

Metro Parent

  • Niche: Parenting. The outlet publishes both digital and print media. They are calling on freelance writers to contribute parenting pieces to their publications. Articles should focus on Michigan (digital) or Southeast Michigan (print) audience.
  • Payment: $35 to $200+ per post.

Just Parents

  • Niche: Parenting. Publishes content focused on parents and parenting but with a bias to first time parents.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Technology Blogs That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Software Development. CirclCI is a continuous integration and delivery platform that helps software teams release quality code, faster. As a freelance writer, you are given the altitude to write about a topic of your choice provided it is relevant to the publication.
  • Payment: $300 per article.

Appy Pie

  • Niche: Software Development. A software development platform that allows users to create, deploy and monetize mobile apps. Writers can contribute informational articles accompanied with working examples or demonstration photos.
  • Payment: $100 per blog post plus $50 for 200+ shares.

iPhone Life Magazine

  • Niche: Technology. Just imagine how large the iPhone user base is. Imagine again how loyal iPhone users are. Now imagine the audience you can get when your article is accepted here.
  • Payment: $50 – $100 per article.

The Layout

  • Niche: WordPress. Here, you can share anything related to WordPress CMS.
  • Payment: $50 – $100 per post.

Photoshop Tutorials

  • Niche: Technology, Design. They are calling on freelance writers to contribute instructional guides on how to use photoshop to create/modify designs. Once you are approved as an author on the platform, you can submit a tutorial for higher paygrade.
  • Payment: $25 – $50 for articles/quick tips and $150 – $300 per tutorial.

Digital Ocean

  • Niche: Technology. Cloud computing and hosting service provider. They need tutorials and guides to help their growing user base. Mostly targets Linux and FreeBSD cloud computing.
  • Payment: $100 – $200 per tutorial.


  • Niche: Software Development. They are calling on experienced and professional writers to contribute informational articles, configuration, troubleshooting and how-to guides on cloud computing, web security, hosting, blogging, development, and middleware.
  • Payment: $60 – $250 per article.

Software Testing Help (STH)

  • Niche: Software Development. A software testing blog seeking contributions that will help in quality assurance testing of different software.
  • Payment: $200 – $600 per tutorial.


  • Niche: Software Development. This publication serves universal authentication & authorization platform for web, mobile and legacy applications and is seeking technical articles on web technologies like Java, Ruby on Rails, Python, Node, ASP.NET Core, Go, Modern JS, and Authentication.
  • Payment: $300 per article.


  • Niche: Software Development. This productivity tool for Visual Studio Mac is looking for technical content about Xamarin, including beginner tutorials, deep dives into the latest Xamarin developments and MFractor how-tos.
  • Payment: $250 AUD per article.

Elegant Themes

  • Niche: WordPress. Dedicated to WP theme development. They are looking for tutorials, case studies, in-depth guides, and evidence-based opinion pieces.
  • Payment: $250 per article.


  • Niche: Software Development. An open core company which develops software for the software development lifecycle used by more than 100,000 organizations. They are calling on freelance writers to produce tutorial pieces for their blog.
  • Payment: Up to $200 per post.

Postmark Blog

  • Niche: Software Development. A transactional email service seeking contributions about tutorials covering email delivery, reputation, design, tools, and testing, as well as tutorials for using Postmark with specific languages and systems such as Python, Rails, Laravel, Node, etc.
  • Payment: $200 – $300 per tutorial.


  • Niche: Data Science. They are calling on freelance contributors with an interesting input on data science projects.
  • Payment: $150 – $300 per project.


  • Niche: Databases. This company offers NoSQL database technology service for which they are calling for freelance writers to contribution informational and tutorial pieces.
  • Payment: $200per post.


  • Niche: WordPress. Dedicated to WP design through project-oriented theme development. They focus on the Genesis framework. All content must be original and must include images or code snippets.
  • Payment: $100 per article.

The Verge

  • Niche: Technology. One of the largest tech-oriented digital platforms out there, no wonder they are calling for freelance contributors to supply the content needed by their audience. Information must be factual and not mere opinion. A bonus if you can break news.
  • Payment: Unspecified.


  • Niche: Web Design. You can contribute tutorial pieces and articles on Photoshop, Dreamweaver, HTML5, CSS, Illustrator, Fireworks, and web design in general.
  • Payment: Negotiate.

Site Point

  • Niche: Web Development. You can contribute articles and tutorials on HTML, CSS, SASS or other topics related to web development.
  • Payment: $150 for articles and $200 for tutorials.


  • Niche: Newsroom Software/Web Development. They discuss journalism code/web development and they are looking for case studies, project introductions, and walk-throughs of tools developed in and for newsrooms.
  • Payment: $200 – $500 per article.

SQL Server Central

  • Niche: SQL, Databases. They publish articles about SQL technology. They will pay you to write a well-developed article addressing any topic within the scope of the publication. Must be unique. Length is immaterial.
  • Payment: $150 per post.

GoDaddy Garage

  • Niche: Design/Development/Business/Entrepreneurship. They will pay you to contribute articles about entrepreneurship, website design, website development, WordPress, freelancing, etc.
  • Payment: up to $150+ per article.


  • Niche: Software. They are calling on freelance writers to produce articles and tutorial pieces about WordPress, website security, Javascript frameworks, DevOps, Docker & Plesk, etc.
  • Payment: $50 – $200 per article.

Tutorial Board

  • Niche: Technology. They focus on expert tutorials about Photoshop, After Effect, Maya among other computer graphics software.
  • Payment: $150 per tutorial.


  • Niche: Cloud computing. Another cloud computing and webhosting service provider. They are looking for technical articles including tutorials, guides and how-to articles for their blog.
  • Payment: up to $300 per article.


  • Niche: Technology. They are calling on freelance contributors to provide in-depth articles on tech. Head over to their blog to find out more of the types of articles they publish.
  • Payment: $50 – $150 per article.

Vector Tuts+

  • NicheGraphics. If you know how to use Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign, Inkscape, Sketch app, and CorelDRAW to produce typography focused content, you can make money teaching people how to do it. Just send your article pitch to this publication.
  • Payment: $50 – $70 per quick-tip tutorial article and $150 – $200 per regulator tutorial. Notable artists and educators get paid more.

Design Tuts+

  • NichePrint Design/Typography/Microsoft Word. Another blog by the Envato network catering to the needs of designers. Freelance contributors are called upon to write high quality design tutorials for the platform subscribers.
  • Payment: Up to $250 per article.

Real Python

  • NicheWeb Development/Python/Data Science. Their goal is to help Python developers become better developers. They are moving towards achieving this goal through contributions by freelance experts through high quality Python tutorials.
  • Payment: $300 per article.

  • NicheWeb Hosting. They are calling on freelance contributors to contribute tutorial pieces to help their growing user base.
  • Payment: €35 per article for new contributors and €65 per article for editors (you become an editor after three good articles).

UX Booth

  • NicheDesign/Usability. As the name suggests, they aim to improve user experience of web technologies. Articles should be evidence-based and supported with data.
  • Payment: $100 per article.


  • NicheWeb design/Freelancing. A project management tool for software developers seeking contributions including tutorials, guides, software analysis, career advice and leadership pieces on software engineering.
  • Payment: $350 per accepted blog post, $400 for each how-to/tutorial, and $600 for each how-to/tutorial with working code examples.

Code Tuts+

  • NicheWeb Development. They are looking for in-depth web development tutorials on front-end and back-end web development. Should cover PHP, Ruby, server-side JavaScript, HTML5, CSS3, document-based database systems, and other web development-related technologies.
  • Payment: $100 for shorter tutorials and $200 for comprehensive tutorials.

Trade / Professional Magazines That Pay Writers


  • Niche: Unemployment. You are welcome to share your perspective if you have been out of work for any considerable period.
  • Payment: $50 – $100 per post.

Popular Woodworking

  • Niche: Craft, DIY. Share DIY tips on woodworking, tools and design ideas.
  • Payment: $250 per post.

Working Mother

  • Niche: Working Moms. Practical application articles focused on career moms. They have both digital and print outlets.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Distiller Magazine

  • Niche: Craft. A publication of the American Distilling Institute covering the art and business of craft distillation.
  • Payment: $500 plus $75 per image for topical features of 1,500 to 2,000 words and $100 plus $25 per image for 300 – 500-word blog-style articles.

Revive Social Blog

  • Niche: Social Media Marketing. The publication publishes articles that offer advice to social media marketers. You should have an in-depth understanding of the dynamics of SMM.
  • Payment: $100 – $200 per article.

Nurse Guidance

  • Niche: Nursing. As the name suggests, this publication focuses on offering informational support to practicing nurses through blog posts and video content.
  • Payment: $50 – $100 per post.

Harvard Medical School CME Online

  • Niche: Health and Medicine. This “learning center for postgraduate online medical education” is looking for contributions to their two blogs, Trends in Medicine and Lean Forward. Should be professionally sound advice.
  • Payment: $200 per post.

Quill Blog

  • Niche: Office Life. Shares tips on coping with everyday office life and routines. They publish content on meal plans, career advancement, work-life balance, office politics, etc.
  • Payment: $50 – $150 per post.


  • Niche: Personality Psychology. They offer scientific personality and career tests and are looking for regular contributors to update and enrich their content.
  • Payment: $100 to $150 per post.

UBER Driver Things

  • Niche: Ride Hailing/ Delivery Drivers. They let ride share drivers share their stories, tips, advice, and opportunities.
  • Payment: $75 to $200 per article.

Writing Blogs That Pay Writers

Write Naked

  • Niche: Writing. Not a nudist site. They share stories about freelance writing, publishing trends and daily life of a freelance writer.
  • Payment: $50 – $200 per article.


  • Niche: Writing. Shares old stories written in a format/style that makes it easy to follow and relatable to the reader.
  • Payment: $500 per post.

Freedom with Writing

  • Niche: Writing. A popular website with a large newsletter that helps freelancers make money online. They have insatiable appetite for good content.
  • Payment: $30 – $150 depending on the length and depth of articles. $500+ for detailed ebooks.

Make a Living Writing

  • NicheMake Money Writing. Gives preference to current and former members of the Freelance Writers Den community. Articles should be aimed at helping writers find better paying writing opportunities.
  • Payment: $75 – $150 per article.

Funds for Writers

  • NicheWriting. They focus on helping writers get paid for their work. You can share tips on unique ways writers can leverage their skills to land high-paying clients, enter contests and win prize money. Unique income generating opportunities for writers venturing unique markets is a good idea to share.
  • Payment: $50 per article.

Writers Weekly

  • NicheMaking Money Writing. This outlet helps you earn writing about writing. You can share ideas on how to make money with written content in a refreshing way.
  • Payment:  $60 per article.


  • Niche: Copywriting/Conversion Optimization. This publication has a heavy bias towards conversion optimization through copywriting. If you can leverage buyer psychology and craft content that sells, you are welcome to share your tips with this publication.
  • Payment: $325 per post.

Craft Your Content

  • Niche: Content/Writing. They publish articles about writing including aspects of grammar, language, creativity and writing as a business.
  • Payment: $75 to $150 per post.

Writers Digest

  • Niche: Writing. The magazine is published 8 times a year and covers the topic of writing. It helps writers to improve their skills and get their work published.
  • Payment: $50 – $100 per article.


  • Niche: Writing, Art and Culture. They “accept contributions of art works, prose, poetry, non-fiction, essays, blog posts with a word limit of 1,000 words (where applicable), a relationship to issues of Asian Australian interest, and a connection to the issue theme.”
  • Payment: $75 – $300 per article.

Writers Weekly

  • Niche: Writing. Shares handy tips and guides for writers by writers from all walks of life. Observe it keenly and come up with something unique that can offer values to the community.
  • Payment: $60 for a 600-word article.

Literature Blogs That Pay Writers for Poetry, Fiction, Non-fiction, Fantasy, Short Stories, etc.

Poetry Foundation

  • Niche: Poetry. One of the longest running poetry magazines in the world with large following. A good outlet for poets to get paid for their poems.
  • Payment: $10 per line when published.

Carve Magazine

  • Niche: Literature. They aim at promoting authors and poets. They promote honest writing and pay for it.
  • Payment: $25 per poem.


  • Niche: Poetry. With a considerably large fanbase, this publication promotes literature with keen interest in poetry. They also have two contests where you can win $1500 prize for fiction and $1000 for poetry.
  • Payment: $25 – $300 per general post.

All Poetry

  • Niche: Poetry. This is the place online where poets congregate to discuss, dissect, and create.
  • Payment: Prize money for contests.

The Rialto

  • Niche: Poetry. An outlet originally intended for poets based in the UK but poets from other backgrounds can submit too. They publish at least three magazines per year.
  • Payment: £20 per published poem.

Arc Poetry Magazine

  • Niche: Poetry. A Canadian publication that welcomes submissions from all poets from within and outside of Canada.
  • Payment: $50 per published poem.


  • Niche: Short Stories. This publication has a special interest in short stories told from an innovative and exciting perspective.
  • Payment: $20 per page.

Flash Fiction Online

  • Niche: Fiction. They publish short stories and will not consider anything longer than 1000 words. It should be captivating and not related to erotica.
  • Payment: $80 per story at 8c per word.

One Story

  • Niche: Literature. They are looking for literary fiction stories of between 3000 to 8000 words long. You can submit simultaneously to another publication but you have to notify them immediately if the other publication accepts your work.
  • Payment: $500 per post.


  • Niche: Literature. They are open to unique narrative pieces, poetry and non-fiction articles.
  • Payment: $20 per printed page and up to $200.

The Sun Magazine

  • Niche: Literature. They publish personal essays, fiction, and poetry. Personal stories that touch on political and cultural issues are welcome.
  • Payment: $300 – $2,500 for nonfiction or $300 – $1,500 for fiction, plus one-year subscription.


  • Niche: Creative Stories. Publishes both the established and new writers sharing creative stories from around the world.
  • Payment: $45 per story.

New Statesman

  • Niche: Mixed. They have regular writer and pay for commissioned work, so, they rarely accept unsolicited work but there’s no harm in trying.
  • Payment: Undisclosed.


  • Niche: Mixed. They’re calling on freelance contributors to write stories on culture, technology, business, sports, health and science, news and politics, and human interests.
  • Payment: $250 – $500 per post.

Good Old Days

  • Niche: Reminiscence. They share old stories, especially experience-based narratives and personal essays about life and events of the past.
  • Payment: $15 – $75 per published article.

Literal Latte

  • Niche: Poetry and Art. A journal of prose, poetry and art. They are calling on freelance writers to contribute stories related to the core subjects.
  • Payment: $1000 prize money for contests.

Travel Blogs That Pay Writers

101 Holidays

  • Niche: Travel. Based out of the UK catering to the needs of those who have caught the travel bug. You can share travelling tips, destinations to visit, how to stay safe during travel, where and how to get deals, etc.
  • Payment: £50 – £100 per post.

Porthole Cruise Magazine

  • Niche: Cruise Ships, Destinations. A database of all the information you need about cruise ships and cruise safaris.
  • Payment: Unspecified.


  • Niche: Travel. They share stories by verified travelers who provide accurate information about destinations and logistics involved.
  • Payment: $40 per post.

Travel + Leisure

  • Niche: Travel. They give special attention to leisure travel and destinations. Freelance writers produce the bulk of their content.
  • Payment: Up to $1 per word.


  • Niche: Travel. This publication focuses on helping women to travel the world.
  • Payment: $50 per article plus $25 for popular content.

Transitions Abroad

  • Niche: Travel. The publish “inspirational yet practical planning guides for cultural immersion travel, work, study, living, volunteering abroad and much more.”
  • Payment: $75 – $150 per post.


  • Niche: Travel. They are calling on writers to contribute inspirational roundups, lists, guides and advice pieces. Narrative travel features are mostly published in the print magazine.
  • Payment: £220 per post.

Air Canada enRoute

  • Niche: Travel. Popular in-flight magazine with a wide reader base. It highlights restaurants, boutiques, hotels, destinations, etc.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Motor Home

  • Niche: Recreation, Outdoors. This publication focuses on RV enthusiasts. They highlight stories about destinations, activities and events, RV communities, RV service and repairs, RV-related DIY projects, etc. Lead time is long.
  • Payment: Up to $900 per post.

Great Escape Publishing

  • Niche: Travel. They publish personal stories, interviews, and other articles related to travelling.
  • Payment: $150 per post.

Budget Travel

  • Niche: Travel. They publish articles about travel destinations, culture, tips, and adventure.
  • Payment: Up to $1 a word.

The Points Guy (TPG)

  • Niche: Travel. They share stories about aviation news, travel advice, reviews, guides, deal alerts, and more.
  • Payment: $300 per post.

Tales from the Banana Trail

  • Niche: Travel. This publication features inspiring stories of real-world explorers, and also provides tools that help people achieve their full potential as explorers.
  • Payment: $100 per article published.

Pixlr Blog

  • Niche: Travel Photography and Graphic Design. They feature “mobile photography, graphic design, and anything else that feels like it fits.”
  • Payment: $200 per post and higher rates for comprehensive pieces.

Regional Blogs That Pay Writers

Colorado Life Magazine

  • Niche: Regional, Colorado. Caters to the entire Colorado state audience. They tell colourful stories to attract people to the state.
  • Payment: $75 – $975 per post depending on assignment.

Yam, Douglas & SPRUCE Magazines

  • Niche: Business. Produces content to serve Southern Vancouver Island’s community. They discuss business-related issues.
  • Payment: $0.40 per word.

New Mexico Magazine

  • Niche: Regional, New Mexico. A magazine by the New Mexico Tourism Department sharing local attractions through stories.
  • Payment: $250 per article.


  • Niche: Cities. A city-focused publication targeting New York City. All the events should be relevant to New York City.
  • Payment: $100 on average.

Art and Design Blogs that Pay Writers

Western Art & Architecture

  • Niche: Art. They welcome contributions relevant to their featured columns including illuminations, artist profiles, perspective, wanderings, collector’s eye, etc.
  • Payment: $400 – $600 per article.


  • Niche: Design & Technology. They cover multiple topics revolving around art, design and technology. Contributions are welcome for design guides and recommendations (for inspiration), technology and social commerce.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Screen Rant

  • Niche: Pop Culture. They are looking for journalists who can turn ideas to breaking news pieces as soon as they get tipped.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Gaming Blogs that Pay Writers

Game Skinny

  • Niche: Gaming. Shares pro-tips to help gamers get to the top of their game. You can contribute tips, lists, guides, among a variety of other content topics.
  • Payment: $0.50 per 1000 Views.

Two Plus Two

  • Niche: Poker. Share game features, analysis, tournament result and high-level strategy. You must to be good at your poker game.
  • Payment: $200 per article.


  • Niche: Gaming. Targets computer / video gamers through content aimed at strategy, game analysis, gadgets, interviews, fixtures, trends, gaming culture, etc.
  • Payment: $0.25 per word.

Film / Theatre Blogs That Pay Writers

Howl Round

  • Niche: Theatre. The topics they cover vary from time to time. You can write pieces, livestream events, host Twitter chat sessions and produce podcasts. Length – 750 to 1500+ words. Based in Boston, Massachusetts (Emerson College).
  • Payment: $200 per essay or podcast episode. They also pay $50 to host a Twitter chat session.

Comedy Blogs that Pay Writers


  • Niche: Comedy. One of the leading comedy outlets with an established audience. Their “If —- were honest” is quite popular. If you have a crazy idea / theory about every day occurrence, you can hit them up.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Reader’s Digest

  • Niche: Comedy. Established magazine famous for its reader stories, which has created demand for more stories. Consider them for long-term work.
  • Payment: $100 per post.

Funny Times

  • Niche: Humor. You can take a humorous swipe on politics, religion, business, relationships, etc.
  • Payment: $60 per post.

College Humor

  • Niche: Comedy. Constantly churning out content to serve their huge audience. You can study what they write about and pitch them your article.
  • Payment: Up to $100 per post.

What Culture

  • Niche: Comedy. They cover multiple topics from a humorous perspective. They are growing fast.
  • Payment: Paid per view basis.

Listicle Blogs That Pay Writers

The Richest

  • Niche: Mixed. With over 25 million readers, they are “looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of TheRichest’s featured categories.” You can do a feature article or a list.
  • Payment: Amount unspecified.


  • Niche: Listicle. They publish lists on everything perceivable. They prefer top 10 lists.
  • Payment: $100 per article.

A List Apart

  • Niche: Listicle. They indicate that they are dedicated to the people who make websites. You can contribute features, essays or mini-articles.
  • Payment: Up to $200 per post.

Top Tenz

  • Niche: Mixed. They take a special interest in listing little known facts, bizzare topics and overlooked content.
  • Payment: $50 per post.

Sports / Athletics / Fitness Blogs That Pay Writers

KungFu Magazine

  • Niche: Martial Arts. Welcomes contributions covering martial arts related content like training, history, philosophy, weapons, techniques, profiles of notable martial artists, etc.
  • Payment: Unspecified.

Black Belt Magazine

  • Niche: Martial Arts. You can become part of this longststanding community of martial arts enthusiasts and practitioners. Share articles on techniques, reviews, profiles, training, among a wide variety of topics listed on the site.
  • Payment: $150 – $300 per post.

The Sportster

  • Niche: Wrestling. They are “looking for writers who can produce in-depth premium content with expert knowledge in one or more of TheSportster’s featured categories.”
  • Payment: Based on views.

Final thoughts on the list of blogs that pay writers

This list, as long and elaborate as it is, is by no means exhaustive. If you did not see what you want here or you just need more resources, please click here to see more publications that pay writers. If you don’t know how to use this list to start making monthly recurring income, take our freelance writing course now. It costs what you decide to pay.

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