Feminist Blogs and Magazines That Accept Guest Posts

Women empowerment has been the focus of major organizations and governments all over the world. Many publications have come up to support the cause by sharing stories of feminine success and women’s stories. If you have passion for and would like to share stories about women’s issues, these feminist blogs and magazines that accept guest posts are looking for you.

You should take advantage of guest blogging to share your stories with a focused global audience. You can share stories about women in leadership, entrepreneurship, women empowerment, and other inspirational or entertaining feminine advice.

These publications will give you the opportunity to draw a large following if your stories strike a chord with the subscribers. You can take advantage of that following to improve your coaching business and get speaking gigs at larger audiences. You will also be able to build new relationships that will be very instrumental to your growth.

This post documents feminist blogs and magazines that accept guest posts. Sift through it and find the one that will give you the best value for your work. You may even end up with a fat cheque in your bank account.

Start pitching.

1. Herizons

Domain Authority: 41

Herizons is a feminist publication that serves a Canadian audience. It propagates feminist principles in relationships and at work.

They are looking for articles that talk about feminism, heath, environment, parenting, culture, and social justice.

The articles should be personal experiences written in journalistic style, interviews, and well-researched feminist articles. Their payment varies i.e. $65 for reviews, $175 for news articles, and up to $750 for features.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

2. Women on Business

Domain Authority: 49

This publication publishes stories about women in business and entrepreneurship. You can share stories about successful women-led enterprises, interviews, and/or pieces of advice. You can apply to be a regular contributor.

Read their guidelines and recent posts to familiarize yourself with their content and style. Use their guest post submission form to pitch the editor.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

3. Women on the Fence

Domain Authority: 37

This publication accepts high quality, original, and well-written articles that aim to help the audience. The ideas propagated by the articles should be practical. Read the recent publications to get an idea of the quality of work they expect. Ensure you comply with their guidelines.

Pitch the editor with your article idea when you are ready.

Homepage. Submit. Email.

4. Emerging Women

Domain Authority: 37

Emerging Women is dedicated to providing in-depth content that will provide value to the well-informed women in leadership positions. They could be those in public service, non-governmental organizations, or entrepreneurship.

Before you submit your article, ensure you are familiar with their content and style by reading their recent and popular posts.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

5. The Good Hearted Woman

Domain Authority: 30

Do you have unique recipes that you love and they are not available elsewhere? Is there any specific Cookbook that you really loved? You should consider writing about your favorite Cookbook for this publication. Elaborate the unique value proposition in your story.

Read the blog’s “My Favorite Cookbook” series to draw inspiration and style. Develop your idea and send it to the editor via email.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

6. Blog Her

Domain Authority: 86

Only registered members can submit posts here. You should register first, and then use your account to submit your article. Browse through their topics (including food, family, DIY, sex, entertainment, etc.) and past publications to develop your article idea.

Make sure you follow their guidelines (including using their default editor interface) and write in a professional tone. Submit your pitch to the editor when you feel you are ready.

Homepage. Submit.

7. Priority Ministries

Domain Authority: 25

This is one of the few authority religious publications that are focused to the feminine audience. They welcome contributions from writers who understand their purpose.

They recommend that you should subscribe to their publication and follow them for some time to have a clearer understanding of their mission before you can offer tangible value to their audience.

Your story should aim to encourage women to give God glory in their lives on a daily basis.

Homepage. Submit.

8. NU Women

Domain Authority: 86

This blog is a network for women who are soliciting for career advice. You can write about career conversions, gender, and/or VC for a day.

Read the recent blogs to get the idea about the style you need to adopt to deliver exceptional quality article. Follow their blogging guidelines and submit your story to the editor when you are ready.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

9. The Sits Girls

Domain Authority: 69

This publication provides a platform to gain publicity to your blog/writer’s website when you share your blogging or social sharing tips. You are welcome to share your unique tips with a focused feminine audience. You can also write a guest post and submit it for editorial review.

Read their past publications to get the idea about the type of articles they accept. Comply with all their submissions guidelines.

Homepage. Submit.

10. Girlfriendology

Domain Authority: 42

This blog is for female bloggers who are willing to share their stories, tips, and pieces of advice. Your story should be told from an inspirational angle to uplift those who read.

Read past publications and comply with all submission guidelines. Write error-free article and review your work before sending it to the editor for review.

Homepage. Submit.

11. Geek Feminism

Domain Authority: 54

Geek Feminism shares feminist-oriented geek stories. You will strike a chord with the audience if you are a geek feminist yourself. Read the blog to get an idea of the type of posts you should write for this publication.

They have highlighted examples of successful pitches you should use to inspire your own pitch. Ensure you comply with all their submission guidelines and write helpful articles.

Homepage. Submit.

12. Women on the Road

Domain Authority: 43

This blog publishes articles about destinations and travel experiences. Your advice should be sound, practical and applicable to women. Read their past publications to get the idea about the type of articles they are looking for. Ensure you comply with their submission guidelines if you are going to get your article published here.

Homepage. Submit.

13. Indie Wire

Domain Authority: 86

IndieWire publishes stories about popular culture and the entertainment industry in Hollywood. You can submit stories about the latest trends, events, and culture. Read recent publications to get the gist about what the editors expect from contributors like you.

Develop your idea from the trends and deliver an exceptional original and interesting article that will resonate well with the audience.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

14. The Balanced Life

Domain Authority: 36

This is the publication to publish your article if you have tips about healthy living and living a balanced life among the womenfolk. It could be an experience you had in the past or a resource you encountered in your professional life. All are welcome.

Read their past publications to familiarize with their style and then pitch the editor with your article idea.

Homepage. Submit.

14. Arkansas Women Bloggers

Domain Authority: 41

This blog serves a blogging community. Your article should be helpful to the community if you are ever going to get the chance of being published here. Read the past publications to see if you are going to add any value to this community.

Read their guidelines and submit your guest post for consideration when you are ready. You must be a registered member to submit an article.

Homepage. Submit.

15. Prowess

Domain Authority: 41

They are looking for stories about women entrepreneurs that share insights into their challenges and successes, their experiences, and useful news. You can also share related stories from a unique perspective and using an engaging style.

Read their rules and recent publications to comply with their submission guidelines and get your story published. It is important to comply, especially if you are not their charter member.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

16. Women Unlimited Worldwide

Domain Authority: 37

This publication is focused to helping women in business. Before you start writing, you must either be in business or have ideas that will help the women to grow their businesses. You should ensure that you have read the past publications to familiarize with the outlet’s tone and style.

After analyzing the recent topics and known the trend of the publications, develop your article idea and pitch the editor. You can pitch the article idea or write a complete article for consideration.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

17. Wild Sister

Domain Authority: 35

This is one of the few blogs that accept guest submissions in both article and video formats. If you suck at writing but you can put up an awesome video presentation, please check out this blog.

They accept guest submissions under various categories such as wild sisterhood, wild abundance, wild joy, and wild radiance.

Read their recent publications and view their latest vlogs for inspiration. Always aim to offer value to the audience; you never go wrong doing that.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

18. Bitch Magazine

Domain Authority: 73

Bitch Magazine is published by the Bitch Media, which is an independent, nonprofit feminist media organization. They share feminist stories that aim to encourage an engaged (feminist) audience to respond to pressing issues raised by the mainstream media.

They welcome excellent articles that will resonate with their audience. Read their past publications to get the idea about what you should write. Expect to be paid between $200 (dispatches) and $500 (features) for submissions (if they approve you).

Homepage. Submit.

19. Ms. Magazine

Domain Authority: 71

Ms. Magazine was the pioneering feminist magazine to popularize feminism to the public domain. They publish articles about women in politics, education, legislation, environment, pop culture, and even social commentary.

Read their recent publications to familiarize with the trending topics and their style of delivery.

Homepage. Submit.

20. Everyday Feminism

Domain Authority: 68

This magazine is hugely successful and has a readership of more than four million every month. Their articles take a multivariate approach that bridge different feminist perspectives.

They also have a fellowship program to which you can apply for a future consideration. You have an opportunity to be a regular contributor. Check regularly, as they accept contributors from time to time.

Homepage. Submit.

21. She Budgets

Domain Authority: 36

This publication is looking for new insights into living a holistic life. If you have new ideas about how one can strike a balance in his/her life and live a well-rounded life, you should consider writing for this blog.

Read their past publications to get an inspiration and to check their style.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

22. LiisBeth

Domain Authority: 23

This publication zooms into entrepreneurship through a feminist lens. Their articles also cover the topics of start-up culture, LGBTQ entrepreneurship, access to capital, marginalized entrepreneurs, innovation, and many other subjects listed on the submissions page.

Write articles that aim to promote progression, equity, and how to spot and take advantage of business opportunities. Their payment varies depending on complexity and amount of work involved. You can earn up to $2,000 for your article.

Homepage. Submit.

23. Sixty & Me

Domain Authority: 44

This publication is focused to sharing stories with the senior women over sixty. They share stories of experience, passion, creativity, and insights with their audience.

The community is comprises over 500, 000 dynamic baby boomer women who visit the blog daily. It is one of those communities that you do not get into when you do not have substantial experience with issues at hand.

However, you should not be discouraged because even Eliphaz, a young man, counselled Job when he was almost losing hope (Job 22:7). They do not pay for submitted articles but allow up to two affiliate links in the article.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

24. The Establishment

Domain Authority: 54

The Establishment is a publication that aims to provide the voice for those who have been sidelined by the established media outlets.

Your articles should be factual and written in a professional tone. Payment: They pay $125 for articles of up to 1500 words and $500 for articles of more than 3000 words.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

With this list of feminist blogs and magazines that accept guest posts, I believe you will be able to find one that suits your needs. Get pitching and let your stories be read by a global audience.

Happy guest posting.

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