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80+ Places to Find Freelance Work Other Than Upwork

Despite being the largest online freelancing website, Upwork is not the only place where people find freelance work. We have listed 80+ alternative sites where you can find freelance work. Others are specially dedicated to niche professions giving freelancers better chances of finding premium clients with long-term work prospects.

Find freelance work with tutoring job sites

If you have a teachable skill and you are wondering how you can earn with it, you should join one of these platforms.

1. is the largest tutoring site on the internet. You can tutor on virtually any topic (within constraints of the law) and build following. If you have high enough reputation, you will get referrals.

2.      Tutor Vista

TutorVista gives you the freedom to work with monthly packages or hourly rates with your students. It is quite popular.

3.      Chegg Tutors

Chegg is flexible and gives opportunity for growth. As your reputation grows, so does your earning potential.

Find freelance work with these transcription job sites

In most cases, businesses and professionals record their transactions and conversation. These audio files need to be converted to text every time they are created to minimize storage space. The available technology is not intelligent enough to transcribe human speech (with emotions). That is why human transcriptionists/transcribers are needed to do the work and produce accurate transcripts of the recorded files.

The following sites offer continuous supply of audio files to be converted to text. Register with one of them and start earning to do what you know best.

4.      Daily Transcription

They post transcription jobs daily and prefer that their freelancers be on call since the jobs come and go. Opportunities are available for both novice and experienced transcriptionists.

5.      Rev

Rev is one of the most established Transcription service providing companies. They have their own transcriber software, so, you will not need to install your own. They have steady flow of jobs and strict standards. You can also get video captioning jobs on this site.

6.      Amazon mTurk

Offers an interesting opportunity to new freelancers to practice and perfect their skill without having to apply to any particular company. You will get jobs but the rates vary depending on the client you are dealing with. SpeechInk is a regular requester here.

7.      Transcribeme

Another popular job site for transcriptionists. They also have steady flow of jobs with each job averaging about $20 per audio hour.

8.      Tiger Fish

A good place to start from if you are a newbie transcriptionist. You will have to download your transcriber software (Express Scribe) to use for the assigned tasks.

9.      Scribie

May not be your best option because they pay about $10 per audio hour. However, it is a good place to start.

10.  Speechpad

Speechpad is a great site to work with. Entry is easy and jobs can be plenty depending on your time zone. They have different levels of workers and you can easily climb the ranks and earn more as a reviewer.

11.  Quicktate

Another good job site for beginners. They do a background check on their freelancers due to the sensitive nature of some of the files handled.

12.  Accutran Global

Works with transcriptionists based in the US and Canada (payment via check or wire transfer). They majorly deal with financial transcription.

Find freelance work with these freelance writing job sites

Of all the freelance jobs available out there, writing takes the bulk of it. Businesses need writers to help them churn content for their marketing purposes. If you can write as if your life depended on it, get down to real business with one of the following freelance writing job curation sites:

13.  Textbroker

Curates premium jobs from established businesses and notable entrepreneurs. You can join the network and start searching for matching jobs. You have an opportunity to grow with TextBroker if you consistently produce high quality work.

14.  Online Writing Jobs

Curates all sorts of online writing jobs ranging from articles (could be reviews, listing, features, or technical), blogs, and even creating reports. If you are good at your art, join this site today because there is something for you to do.

15.  DailyPosts

DailyPosts is a virtual office that finds jobs from around the world and assign the jobs to freelancers like you. Give them quality and you will never run out of jobs.

16.  Journalism Jobs

If you are a freelance journalist, you may consider scouring this site for available positions. You may just end up with a full time job based on your location.

17.  Media Bistro

MediaBistro is trove of sorts for writers and editors. You can get all sorts of media jobs for major publications. You are highly unlikely to miss a job if you have a great talent.

18.  Problogger Jobs

Problogger Jobs lists writing jobs for bloggers and freelance writers. They have good rates and you can find long-term projects.

19.  The Shelf

The Shelf works for bloggers and freelance writers, especially those who have specialist knowledge about certain subjects. You can connect with businesses and offer yourself as a resource person to help the further their business agenda.

Find freelance work with these photography job sites

If you have a camera and good taste for beautiful shots, you may click away to some residual income with the following sites:

20.  Freelance Photographer Jobs

This site curates photography jobs for freelancers in Canada, US, and the UK. You can find a relevant job listing that suits your skill set and passion.

21.  The Creative Loft

You can search for photography jobs of all sorts on this platform. If you are a wedding photographer, travel photographer, studio, or technical photographer, you can filter your job search and find freelance opportunities.

22.  Photography Jobs

This website is a marketplace for freelance photographers. You can sell your photos here and find paid gigs listed on the site as well.

Find freelance video production jobs with these sites

Google trends show that video is increasingly becoming popular. Content producers are increasingly embracing and incorporating video in their content.

These job sites are matching talents with opportunities. Get in the wave and take advantage of the available opportunities.

23.  Production Beast

This is the best jobsite to find connections to high paying production jobs. It is like LinkedIn and IMDb combined. With the connections, you will be able to land some of the best jobs that are always reserved for the best. Obviously, producers will always hesitate to post the best gigs because they want to work with someone they know.

24.  Stage 32

Utilizes the power of social media to create strong ties among its users. They aim at promoting job search through referrals, which is one of the best routes to landing gigs. You will get the best media production professionals on the platform to learn from as you execute your tasks.

25.  We Edit

This is the Uber for video editors. You can sign up and find projects that you can execute. Clients will also see you profile and offer you projects based on your ratings and feedback from previous clients.

26.  Production Hub

The largest media production job site. They are connecting professionals to jobs and have no time to waste. You will pay small subscription fee to use the platform.

27.  Staff Me Up

They match professionals to opportunities. They work with notable brands like ITV and Discovery Studios.

28.  Simply Hired

Even though Simply Hired does not deal directly with media production jobs, they post job listings from big brands like Warner Bros and Lionsgate. You can utilize the connections you create on the platform as well as on LinkedIn and Behance to land lucrative production gigs.

29.  Mandy

Dedicated to film and TV production jobs. Make sure your proposal stands out because you are not just competing with Jenny the next-door neighbor. You are up against some of the most qualified talents from around the world.

30.  Media Match

Well, this site does the heavy lifting of finding the job and matching it up with the right talent. Be your best and you are sure to get many projects.

Find freelance technical and technology jobs

Technical and technology jobs are visibly on demand. If you have programming skills or you are good at graphic design, you should consider registering with the following job sites:

31.  Kuhustle

Web developers, designers, and creative professionals are connected with businesses and entrepreneurs who need work done.

32.  Authentic Jobs

Creatives, designers, coders, and hackers can get remote jobs on Authentic Jobs. You can get full time jobs as well as part-time jobs on the site.

33.  Solo Gig

This is dedicated to IT and engineering gigs. Some gigs may require you to be physically present at the location. You can use the search functionality to find all the available jobs that suit you.

34.  Gigster

Gigster vets their developers before connecting them with businesses and entrepreneurs. You can get developer and designer jobs as well as an opportunity to manage their projects.

35.  Power to Fly

PowertoFly gives women in tech the wings they need to fly. They get connections to full time or remote positions in tech companies around the world.

36.  Dice

With Dice, you can filter the jobs you want according to many factors including your position. In fact, you can just enter the keywords in the search bar and it will yield results with available positions matching your search criteria.

37.  Freelancer Map

Connects / maps freelancers with contractual IT related jobs in companies around the world.

Find freelance web design and development work from these sites

38.  Joomlancers

This site lists job opportunities for professionals with hands on experience in Joomla, WordPress, Vbulletin, Magento, etc. You will get coding jobs, design jobs, etc.

39.  Hirable

This platform is a little bit strict when it comes to registering freelancers. Clients who post jobs on the site are looking for both short and long-term working relationships.


A reputable platform where big brands scout for freelance designers and developers.

41.  Stack Overflow

The popularity of Stack Overflow cannot be overstated. You will find it jobs on the site; some may be restricted to certain locations while remote positions are also available.

42.  WordPress Jobs

This is the job board for WordPress professionals. There are many jobs including theme and plugin development, interface design, optimization, and more. You can even get a paid opportunity to manage WordPress sites for clients. Check out WPHired for similar opportunities.

43.  Smashing Magazine

If you believe you have a smashing talent, put it out on Smashing Magazine and you will stand a chance to clinch the jobs.

Find freelance web and graphic design jobs

Do you have an eye for details? Can you create amazing graphics that can drive sales? The following sites are looking for amazing creative like yourself.

44.  99Designs

99Designs is dedicated to web and graphic design. Clients post their jobs and the freelancers submit their pieces (contest). Winners get the prize money. Design Crowd uses the same model.

45.  Art Wanted

Artists display their pieces in the gallery from where shoppers can purchase them. You have an opportunity to connect with like-minded artists.

46.  Behance

It is a job board for creative, digital artists, graphic designers, and others in that line of work. You will find a suitable job from the board and claim it based on predetermined qualifying factors.

47.  Envato Studio

Once you have been accepted as a service provider here, you will find matching jobs for your skills and rate.

48.  Design Hill

Customers create jobs on the site and freelance designers compete to create the best piece. Whichever piece pleases the customer scoops the listed price.

49.  Coroflot

Coroflot is a marketplace where creative display their portfolio and companies scout for exceptional talent.

50.  Dribble

At Dribble, you are guaranteed that you will get a proper job because clients have to pay hundreds of bucks to post their jobs. The clients are not only serious but are also willing to spend good money for exceptional quality of work. It is dedicated to designers.

51.  Squad Help

Clients create contests to which freelancers forward their submissions. The submission that wins gets the prize money. There are many jobs here including copywriting, graphic design, logo design, etc.

52.  Toptal

Dedicated to finance, valuation, market research, and other actuarial sciences. If you are good at mobilizing resources for fundraising, your expertise is needed here. Apply today.

53.  Juiiicy

If you are a freelance designer, you should consider joining Juiicy. You will get great opportunities through referrals. It is a private community, so, you will have a closely-knit community to engage with and share ideas.

54.  Traction

This site is scouting for exceptional talent to join their team of marketing professional. You will get an opportunity to work with great brands.

Find general freelance jobs posted in these freelance sites

There are many other job sites that curate jobs in various fields. Clients and experts meet and discuss their projects to get the best match. You can sign up and start searching for jobs that fit your skill set.

55.  Guru

Guru is a lot more like Upwork but with less steep service fees. You can get hourlies or fixed price projects. You can find some interesting clients who will help you grow professionally.

56.  Fiverr

A micro job site where you advertise your gigs to potential customers. The minimum you can earn per project on this site is $5. If you stand out, many orders will come your way. You should also check out Damongo if you love Fiverr.

57.  We Work Remotely

With this site, you can get jobs ranging from customer service to web development to graphic design. All jobs are fully remote.

58.  Onsite

You have to be invited to join Onsite. They will verify your samples to admit you to the platform.

59.  Freelancer

You can get a good job here but it has many cons who are looking to rip you off your hard work. Be very cautious. Get a down payment before you start working if possible.

60.  Folyo

Connects businesses and entrepreneurs with freelancers of diverse talents. A diversity of skill set for different jobs is connected here.

61.  Rat Race Rebellion

Helps people escape the rat race by giving them access to jobs they can do at home and at their own pace. They use the same principle as Flex Jobs that vets all the jobs and backs it with a guarantee. The flexibility afforded is unmatched.

62.  Remotive

If sales and marketing runs in your veins, you should consider checking out Remotive. Other opportunities in human resources and even engineering and IT are also available.

63.  Matchist

Businesses post their project idea(s) on the platform and Machist finds the right fit to bring it to fruition. Be the expert who will actuate the projects on Machist.

64.  The Muse & Indeed

You can search for jobs on The Muse and Indeed and find the perfect opportunity matching your skills. They have both location based and remote opportunities.

65.  Working Nomads, Skip the Drive, & Virtual Vocations

These sites offer you the opportunity to search for and apply to jobs you can do while you are on a safari or on vacation. They vet the jobs for authenticity before posting to freelancers. Working nomads will even notify you of available jobs on email.

66.  People per Hour

You can get awesome hourlies on this site. Many companies from around the world post job opportunities on this site daily.

67.  YunoJuno

Connects freelancers with clients and takes care of paperwork required to seal the contract. Their freelancers use their invoicing system.

68.  Just Answer

Are you good at whatever you are doing? Your skill may be on great demand here. People in different fields including engineering, IT, mechanics, etc. are waiting for you to answer their questions on Just Answer.

69.  Crowdsite

They “tweet” job opportunities. Freelancers are considered for the opportunity by responding to the job shout outs. You only have 140 characters to make a good first impression, use them wisely.

70.  Aquent

Aquent is a community of creative, technicians, and digital marketers. You will get access to freelance opportunities from participating companies.

71.  iFreelance

iFreelance connects you with your clients and lets you keep 100% profits. You can get writing projects, programming work, marketing gigs, and many more.

72.  CloudPeeps & Krop

These two sites curate jobs from companies around the world and connects them to qualified freelancers. You can get marketing jobs, content development, design, and more.

73.  MeFi Jobs

A location-based job site. Members post jobs and freelancers find the jobs based on their geological location.

74.  LinkedIn ProFinder

We know that LinkedIn is a professional network that goes big on professionalism. With Profinder, businesses can spot the talent they want and award the project. This LinkedIn feature is not globalized yet. Only users in the US can take advantage of it.

Find offline freelance jobs

You can hire out your services to local clients as well and there are sites that connect you to the clients. For instance, if you have a car and free time, you could be an Uber, Little, Sidecar, or Lyft driver. You could mow lawns or cook a nice dinner for someone at a fee and TaskRabbit will connect you to someone who is looking for that service.

There are certain businesses that prefer workers from a particular geographic zone due to their time zones. You can join LocalSolo or LocalLancers and be matched with the right opportunities.

Businesses feel the need to hire temporary staff from time to time due to business demands. When such needs arise, they need someone to execute their pressing needs without so much involvement of a permanent staff. You can offer your services (e.g. book keeping, periodic repairs, deliveries, administration, etc.) on Wonolo or Bark and be paid.

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