Food and Beverage Blogs and Magazines That Accept Guest Posts

Everybody loves food, especially if it is prepared well. Many food blogs and magazines wow us with fancy recipes and food stories regularly but we never grow weary of reading of these wonderful stories.

People like you and I write these stories.

Luckily, you now have the opportunity to add your voice to this niche. By opening up to write for these food blogs and magazines, you will have the opportunity to learn new recipes and upgrade your culinary skills in the process.

The experience you gain from contributing to these publications will be instrumental to your personal development. Perhaps, you could develop your own cookbook or recipe in the process.

Your contribution will also improve your brand awareness and even open the doors to new opportunities for you.

This post lists food blogs and magazines that accept guest posts. Select the best blog you would wish to write for and start pitching them with your guest post idea(s).

List of food and beverage blogs and magazines that accept guest posts

1. The First Pull – National Coffee Association Blog (DA 29)

The National Coffee Association blog is looking for guest contributors with stories that are focused on coffee. They expect that your stories be well told using an original voice that is unique to you and acceptable to the readers of the blog.

Read the blog’s recent publications to find out the kind of articles you should be writing. Be candid and authentic. Verify all outbound links and attribute everything that needs attribution properly.

Strive to tell your story in between 500 and 1600 words. You should include your author bio with a maximum of two hyperlinks to your blog and social media account.

Payment: inquire from the editor

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

2. Menuism (DA 48)

They are looking for original, engaging content about food and beverage that will resonate well with their community.

Pitch the editor with your guest post idea and show them what value your article will add to them. They accept multiple pitches.

Make sure you read their blog to familiarize with their style before submitting your pitch.

Payment: inquire from the editor.

Hompage. Submit. Contact.

3. The Disney Food Blog (DA 50)

They are looking for original articles that have never been published. Your article should address food, travel and Disney. They will not accept anything that is out of that scope.

Read the blog and familiarize with thee tone and style before sending in your pitch. You can send photos with your articles (read the submission guidelines to learn more how to do that).

Payment: not explicitly stated, inquire from the editor

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

4. Type-A Parent (DA 49)

They are very strict when it comes to accepting guest posts. In fact, most of their articles are commissioned work. Make sure your article meets their quality standards.

If you are writing for a mere purpose of getting backlinks, they will reject your work and block your IP address. Strive to provide value to their audience.

You have to create an account with them to submit a post.

Payment: not explicitly stated

Homepage. Submit.

5. Food Sense (DA 46)

Food Sense welcomes writers to submit articles for their blog as well as recipes for their column. They are also looking for interviews (food related).

You should be familiar with the blog and style before sending in your pitch. Include two samples of your work. You stand a chance of becoming a regular contributor if your work is outstanding.

Payment: inquire from the editor

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

6. Scottish Mum (DA 33)

The Scottish Mum publishes articles about food tips and safety, recipes, carbs and protein diet. If you have an interesting piece that covers these dimensions, you should consider submitting it through the submission box.

They review all submissions but publish only relevant pieces. Ensure you read their recent publications to ensure your article resonates well with their audience.

Payment: not mentioned

Homepage. Submit.

7. Eat Drink Better (DA 49)

Are you into food activism? This is the perfect blog to get your voice out there.

They are looking for food bloggers who know something about animal rights, factory farming, sustainability, gardening, food politics and policy, and food justice.

Attach three writing samples when you send your application.

Payment: inquire from the editor.

Homepage. Submit.

8. The Master Cleanse (DA 43)

This is the blog for those who are into detoxification. After reading this list and finding out what types of articles they want, read their blog for the latest posts corresponding to your category of interest.

Head over to their submission guidelines and make sure you abide by their provisions before sending your pitch.

Payment: unclear

Homepage. Submit.

9. Grounds & Hounds Coffee (DA 35)

Grounds & Hounds is all about coffee. They cover a variety of topics ranging from coffee crop production, retailing, brewing, and tasting.

If you have an interesting take on coffee or you have a special expertise in a specific variety of coffee, reach out to Grounds and Hounds and they will air your story.

Read previous publications to get an idea about the length of publications and style as well as the tone of the blog. Submission is easy. Simply paste your details and the story in the corresponding cells of the submission form.

Payment: inquire from the editor

Homepage. Submit.

10. BonBon Break (DA 52)

BonBon Break is looking for recipe and home improvement ideas. They also publish parenting pieces.

They have categorized the stories they accept into three classes: featured posts, original posts and syndicated posts. Read their submission guidelines and find out how to format your article for submission.

Payment: They provide backlinks.

Homepage. Submit.

11. DRAFT Magazine (DA 54)

This is a beer-centric blog that covers the non-technical aspects of beer industry. You could share stories about the current trends, news, or new ideas.

The blog also accepts pitches about other foods, leisure, travel, and recipes. When you pitch them with your article idea, make it focused on the needed topic.

Payment: expect something near 80 cents (US) per word.

Homepage. Submit.

12. Family Corner (DA 45)

Family corner is looking for recipes for children (with photos) to feature in their column. If you have fun and healthy recipes for children, this is the blog you should be pitching.

Read their past publications to familiarize yourself with their style and to avoid duplicate content.

Payment: They don’t pay in cash; they give backlinks.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

13. The Kitchn (DA 82)

Once you are on their submissions page, you simply select what you want to submit from the provided list (whether it is a kitchen project or a cooking tip).

Once you select it, more options will be opened and you will be able to describe your project in details and ad additional data. They provide options for attaching up to five photos in the submission form.

Once you are done filling in your data, submit and wait for the editor to respond.

Payment: inquire from the editor.

Homepage. Submit.

14. Hint Mama (DA 33)

You should read this blog first to know what kind of stories perform well here. Select a category to submit your story and fire the email to the editor.

They are looking for hints about child proofing, mealtimes, partying, etc. If you have a killer tip for this awesome audience, go ahead and submit your story now.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

15. Midlife Boulevard (DA 47)

To begin with, you need to read the blog under the food category to get the feeling of what you should write. Use the publications to develop your article idea.

Secondly, create your bio using the submission form to get your login details. They advise that you use Gravatar to allow easy integration with their blog.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

16. VoiceBoks (DA 44)

Read the blog under the food category and check the past posts for inspiration to get new post ideas and to avoid duplicating the content. Pitch the editor first with your content idea, after which you will be given login details to the VoiceBoks dashboard.

Write and edit your post in accordance with the submission guidelines to increase your chances of being published. Submit your finished work for review and it will be published if it meets their standards and current needs.

Payment: They allow up to three links back to your blog. No affiliate links allowed.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

17. Untrained Housewife (DA 38)

If you have a favorite family recipe and/or keep chicken, Untrained Housewife is welcoming you to share your story on their platform.

You should create an account on their platform and read their manifesto to ensure there is no misunderstanding before you start.

They will give you all the adsense income that your post will generate. Angela will help you to get started, so, do not hesitate if you have something nice to share.

Payment: 100% adsense income from the post.

Homepage. Submit.

18. So Good Blog (DA 46)

They are looking for unique and inspiring stories about food, recipes, food gossip, thanksgiving and Christmas meals.

Read recent publications to get the trend and article ideas about what you should write about. They expect the articles to be at least 500 words long. It should be well written and error-free.

Pitch the editor through the submission form provided on the guidelines page.

Homepage. Submit.

19. Food Bloggers of Canada (DA 50)

This blog is written for the Canadian audience and is dedicated to informing them about food trends, where to get special treats, recipes, and related resources and information.

You should look at their resource page for relevant topics after which you should read their submission guidelines for more clarity about what they do/don’t accept.

Once you are convinced that you have mastered their requirements, send your pitch to Melissa via email and wait for her response. If she doesn’t respond, it won’t hurt to follow up.

Payment: inquire from the editor.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

20. The IWA Wine Accessories Blog (DA 34)

Do you love wine? Are you a collector or do you know one? If you are into wines, this is the blog you want to publish your story.

They share tips and stories that are beneficial to wine lovers, connoisseurs, and collectors. Read the blog to familiarize yourself with their style before you submit your story.

Make sure you submit only the best story because this is the official blog of the International Wine Accessories. They value their reputation.

Payment: $50 per published post.

Homepage. Submit.

21. Eating Well (DA 76)

Eating Well blog focuses on articles that promote good taste for good health. They are cover all aspects of food and nutrition and offer sound scientific advice about healthy eating.

They have a list of topics that freelance writers should write about. Read their blog to familiarize with their style and to get article ideas.

Payment: They can pay as much as $1 per word depending on the complexity and length of the article.

Homepage. Submit.

22. Naturally Savvy (DA 50)

They publish stories and review articles about natural organic foods and food products.

If you have an idea about natural food preservation methods or natural products, kindly write your review and submit the form in the submission page. The editor will get back to you.

Read their blog to get in tune with their style and to borrow article ideas. It will help you in fine-tuning your work to the editor’s specifications.

Payment: inquire from the editor.

Homepage. Submit.

23. Radish Magazine (DA 37)

This magazine caters to the needs of the residents of Illinois/Iowa border region. It runs articles about natural foods that promote longevity and good health.

They aim to teach their audience about eating right and living holistically. Food bloggers and writers will find their “Eating Right” section ideal to share their food stories.

Payment: $25 – $150 per post depending on its length and complexity.

Homepage. Submit.

24. Serious Eats @ Medium (DA 92)

If you have a story about cooking, eating, or food in general, write about it in essay form. You should look at the most read stories on Medium and see their format before writing your story.

Please remember that this is the delicious blog for the Serious Eats website. Your essay should be objective, introspective, and effective. Do not go on beating your own drum and deliver nothing at the end.

The reader should be able to read your article and recommend it to their circles.

Payment: $100 per post

Homepage. Submit.

25. Brew Your Own (DA 50)

Do you know how to brew beer at home? Share your techniques and recipes with the readers of this blog because they are looking for your story. This is the blog for do it yourself (DIY) brewing projects.

You can share the specific science you use for your process, the equipment you use, or any other classified information you may want to share.

Payment: $25 – $200 per post depending on length and the amount of work involved.

Homepage. Submit.

26. The Wine Frog (DA 16)

This is the blog to share your food stories if you want the key decision makers in the industry to read them. It targets the experts in the industry.

They expect that you should go through the blog to avoid duplicating the content on the blog. You should submit well-written and properly edited work for review.

The article should be between 600 and 1200 words long.

Payment: They pay competitively for published articles.

Homepage. Submit.

27. Elephant Journal (DA 63)

They expect nothing short of the best. Even though they accept to republish previously published posts, they require that it be tweaked to make it stand out as unique to avoid search engine penalty for duplicate content.

Read their blog to acquaint yourself with their style before firing your query to the editor. Go through the submission guidelines carefully and ensure you follow their requirements.

They also welcome applications for regular contributors just in case you are looking for something long term.

Homepage. Submit.

28. Cooking Detective (DA 35)

This publication is all about cooking and cookware. You can share new/unusual tips about cooking and foods that can help people make better food at home.

They pay $75 for 2000 word articles and $120 – $160 for features of between 3000 and 4000 words long. You also get a byline with links to your blog.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

Final thoughts on the list of food and beverage blogs and magazines that accept guest posts

I want to believe that this list will help you find the best guest posting opportunity to grow your audience.

If you have a favorite food and beverage blog that you usually submit your guest posts to and you feel it should be added to this list, kindly let me know.

To your success.


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