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How to Remove Image Background on Canva & Make Money + 7 Free Alternative Tools

Graphics have become an integral component of marketing since users interact much better with them leading to higher conversions. To get the perfect image for marketing you need to remove image background so that you can manipulate it much better to optimize the visual appeal. High conversion is every marketer’s objective when rolling out a marketing campaign.

However, graphics do not come cheap (you can click the image below to explore freelancer rates using Bonsai’s Rate Explorer). To win, you have to either do it on your own or hire someone to do it. The former route requires knowledge of software (like Adobe CC) with steep learning curve while the latter calls for a deep purse.

Canva is a game changer when it comes to producing professional quality graphics. If you can drag and drop items on the screen, creativity can be the only limitation. You have a blank canvas and tons of templates for inspiration.

You can do almost any design task on Canva, ranging from making a simple flyer to something more complicated like a pitch deck. With enough creativity, you can even start a design agency nd sell your services online using only Canva (we’ll discuss this in another post).

Why Remove Image Background on Canva?

Many apps exist to make a transparent image by removing the background. What you are looking for is a reliable app that will get the job done to your satisfaction in the shortest time and with the least learning curve.

Most free web apps (if not all) will let you upload your image, remove background then download for your use. In the process, there is loss of quality taking place. You end up with a pixelated image that is barely suitable for your project. In addition, you lose productive time shuttling between apps for different functionalities.

This is the reason why you need an app with all the design elements under one roof to help with producing consistent quality. Canva pro ticks all the check marks and has an awesome community and academy that will help you overcome any challenge you may have along the way.

How to Make a Transparent Image on Canva

Making a transparent image affords you the flexibility of using the image in many ways than you can imagine. You can use a different background effect to relay your message much better. A transparent image is also easier to use on the canvas as you can fit it in spaces you otherwise would not if it had a background.

Please note that Canva Pro is free for registered Non Profits for a team of up to 10 people. There is also an education package that is free for eligible teachers and their students. Canva for Education is specially designed to meet learning needs.

Here are the steps to remove image background from any image on Canva:

  1. Log into your Canva account and start by selecting the canvas size you would like to use. There are templates you can choose from depending on where you want to use the media. It could be a blog banner or a social media post for Facebook or Instagram. The templates have been optimized for different media platforms.
  2. Use the Canva menu on the left hand panel to search for images online (pro account users can use any image on Canva database) or upload your own image.
  3. Add the selected image onto the working canvas by clicking on it or by dragging it onto the canvas.
  4. Click the image to select it and go to the top left corner and select “Effects” menu.
  5. New tool bar will roll out on the left hand panel. Select “Background Remover” menu and the transparent effect will be applied automatically.
  6. You can further edit the template by adding appropriate text and effects before downloading for use in your target medium.

The image below illustrates how to apply the effect and the final result below it.

remove image background on canva

Final result is as shown below

Other Benefits of Using Canva as Your Daily Design Tool

Removing backgrounds is not the only strength of Canva. The tool also has a consolidated pool of resources that will drastically reduce your working time and improve your efficiency marginally. It has close to 100 million premium images, over 200 thousand templates for different graphics and videos (and growing every day!), hundreds of thousands of vector graphics and illustrations and many more.

If you are starting out and a digital entrepreneur, Canva is one tool you should definitely invest in. You can even create your logo and website templates on the same platform, which you only export and upload on your server to have a premium looking website on the fly.

You can also keep your library and templates in the 100GB space and even share your social media posts immediately from the platform without having to download and reupload. You can even schedule your social media posts directly from the app so they go live even if you are not online.

Recently, Canva added the ability to record your presentations directly from the app. This is a big game changer for many people struggling with getting the right software for different things they have to do to run their digital business. Canva eliminates the learning curve required to master different software you need to be competitive in this space. Now you only need to learn Canva and you can eliminate multiple other software from your desktop.

You can click the button below to try Canva Pro for 30 days for free. If you like what it offers, you can choose to stick with it or cancel. Subscription is only $12 per month.

Alternative Tools for Removing Image Background and Graphic Design

Canva is not the only tool for making transparent images by removing image backgrounds. Here are some alternatives:

1. Adobe Studio

If you know how to use Photoshop and you have an active license, this should be your first alternative. It is without a doubt the most popular image editing software (with illustrator, After Effects, Light Room and many other components of the suite). This is a paid tool.

If you are only interested in removing image backgrounds and cannot justify investing in the licensing fees required to use Adobe suite, you can use their free online image background remover to get the same effects. Just sign up and get access to the tool and start removing image background for free.

2. Photopea

Has the same look and feel just like Adobe Photoshop. You can import PSD files and also several other file types including PDF, .XCF, Sketch, .XD, .AI, RAW and many other file types. It is free to use and you can do almost anything you can do with a licensed Adobe Photoshop. This tool works exclusively online.

3. Free Online Photoshop

Looks, feels and works the same way as Photopea except that it has quick menus for executing certain tasks and for integration with other tools. It is also free to use.

4. Lunapic

A complete image editing and graphic design suite. You can manipulate images however you want, including removing background, resetting contrast, hue and saturation. You can resize the canvas with this tool and do so much more to get the perfect design experience.

5. Photo Scissors

Works online and you only need to upload the image whose background you want to remove and it will work with just one click. Works with popular image file types including PNG, JPD and WEBP. They have a desktop app for offline usage and an API for integration with third party apps.


Looks and works like Photo Scissors.

7. Fotor Background Remover

Drag and drop tool that works directly from your browser. It has filters to enable you fine tune the effects you want.

Make Money Online Editing Images Using Free Tools

You can sell your services online helping people with image editing. Just sign up on any one of these freelancing sites, create your profile and start prospecting for clients. Always make sure to create your portfolio. The easiest way to create a portfolio for image editing services is through Instagram.

Create an Instagram profile (it is free) and start putting your skills to work creating posts using the tools listed here for that profile. With time, you will have a sizeable collection and start attracting interested parties who will request for your services. If you need some inspiration, you can have a look at what this amazing lady is doing with her crazy photo editing skills.

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