Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

Today, no forward thinking business will think of technology as a dispensable factor in their operations. Doing so will be suicidal. There is a pressing need to increase the visibility of your business. You can leverage on technology blogs that accept guest posts.

You need to take advantage of the internet and make sure that your business can be found at the touch of a button. To achieve that level of visibility, you need to be featured on relevant notable blogs in your industry.

More guest blogging opportunities for you.

There’s no better way of achieving that than guest blogging on authority technology blogs. Guest blogging will give you indisputable social proof and stamp your authority as a leader in your industry.

Information technology and business are becoming inextricably interwoven. I don’t think anybody can talk meaningfully about one without the talking about the other. Bill Gates

You will also develop relationships with leading businesses and personalities in your industry for future business opportunities.

Here’s the List of Technology Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

This list contains some of the best technology blogs that accept guest posts. Read their submission guidelines and start sending your pitches. When you get accepted, submit your best work.

1. Dom’s Tech and Computer Blog

Domain Authority: 34

You should read the previous posts and develop a post idea that will be unique to the audience. Make sure your post is within the current trends, as such posts tend to get better traction.

Once you publish the post here, you cannot publish it elsewhere.

All posts MUST be at least 500 words long and you get one backlink to your site.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

2. Compose

Domain Authority: 39

If you are a database guru, Compose is looking for your informational articles to publish on their blog. The articles should be full of wisdom, and should be functionally practical.

They promise to pay $200 cash money plus $200 worth of Compose database credit. Read their submission guidelines before submitting your post.

Homepage. Submit.

3. Xtendedview

Domain Authority: 31

The articles you write for Xtendedview must be unique and unpublished. Aim to write a post that will inform, teach, instruct, and enlighten the reader.

All borrowed work must be properly attributed to avoid copyright infringement issues. Use illustrations if they will add value to your post.

Homepage. Submit.

4. Creately

Domain Authority: 60

Creately is a huge publication with over 300,000 hits per month. Pitch the editor with an article idea for review and write a compelling piece once approved.

They allow two links to your blog and social media account.

Given the size of this publication, there could be a possibility that your topic had been covered. Make sure you read previous posts to avoid redundancy.

HomepageSubmit. Contact.

5. Indeni

Domain Authority: 39

Indeni is all about networking. They are looking for articles about firewalls, networking architecture, and load balancers, among other networking technologies. Payment is $200 per article. Make sure your article is as in-depth as possible.

Homepage. Submit.

6. IntenseBlog

Domain Authority: 41

Intense Blog is a multi-niche publication. They are looking for contributions from writers with backgrounds in coding, WordPress, web development, software, and their related tutorials.

All articles meant for InteseBlog are exclusive and cannot be repurposed for any other publication. Read their submission guidelines before pitching. Inquire payment information from the editor.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

7. AppStorm

Domain Authority: 59

AppStorm is a leading publisher of articles about business apps for iPad. If you are a business/financial technology writer with great insight on business-based iPad apps, send them your pitch.

You can write reviews, instructional articles, and even master roundups. They pay $60 for accepted and published articles.

Homepage. Submit.

8. TechBii

Domain Authority: 31

TechBii is one of India’s top tech blogs with over 13000 daily visitors. They are looking for contributions from tech writers who can produce high quality articles to meet the demand of their web traffic.

They will only publish unique articles, which you are not allowed to republish elsewhere thereafter. Knowledge of SEO writing will be a great asset.

Homepage. Submit.

9. Tech Arrival

Domain Authority: 24

Tech Arrival is all about new tech trends and everything about technology. They seek original articles that are uniquely written for the publication and cannot be used elsewhere.

Read published work to get familiar with their style before writing your article for submission. After writing, send the article to the editor via email. If accepted, they will list your article for $20.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

10. Teck A La Carte

Domain Authority: 20

To contribute here, you need to be a registered user. Your articles must pass Copyscape if they have to make it to the press.

Aim to write longer pieces (at least 600 words on the lower side). They encourage transparency and openness. All borrowed work must be duly attributed. Use screenshots when writing tutorial articles.

Homepage. Submit.

11. eCommerce Insiders

Domain Authority: 29

eCommerce experts are welcome to share their expertise and insights with the ecommerce community on new tech trends that can help them propel their businesses. The article should be written in an educational or commentary tone.

Read their submission guidelines before submitting your article. They usually have open season for contributors to submit their articles. Be on the lookout.

Payment is $75 for 400-600 word articles, $125 for articles of >600 words, and $150 for 600+ worded articles.

Homepage. Submit.

12. The Layout

Domain Authority: 64

The Layout publishes how-to articles for WrdPress. If you know how to design WP themes, create child themes, plugins, short-codes, etc. this is the publication to share your expertise (and get paid for it).

You can share your original unique ideas or pick a topic from the available options. They will create for you an author profile and list all the articles you write for them under it. They pay up to $150 per article.

Homepage. Submit.

13. Tutorialspoint

Domain Authority: 78

Tutorials Point is a one stop shop for all kinds of tutorials on a wide variety of tech fields. It covers IT, web development, Open Sources, Microsoft, etc. Writers with demonstrable level of expertise are invited to submit their articles to this publication.

You should write 2-3 pages of content in your area of expertise as proof of your ability when pitching the editor. They pay between $250 and $500 per article.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

14. Technology End

Domain Authority: 21

You must be a registered member to contribute guest articles to Technology End. They really like it when you link your articles to the existing articles in the blog.

Get your contributor account and create a compelling article that abides by their guidelines.

Homepage. Submit.

15. TrueTech

Domain Authority: 37

For all the tech and gadget geeks out there, this is the best platform to share your geekiness with the world. Browse the blog under various categories to see what type of articles are on demand.

Sit down and write an original piece that will move the masses. Do not forget to provide your byline and links to your blog and social media account.

Homepage. Submit.

16. TechBlazes

Domain Authority: 25

They accept only original content about tech and gadgets. You can write reviews, tutorials, and updates about smart phones, OS, and tablets.

You are not allowed to add affiliate links in the body of the post. Every contributor needs a user account to be able to publish their article(s), so, get one first.

Homepage. Submit.

17. Boomer Tech Talk

Domain Authority: 31

Boomer Tech Talk is a hub for technology talk. You will get reviews, comics, videos, etc, all talking about tech. Create original content and pitch the editor for a chance to be published here.

This blog allows you to re-purpose and republish your work in your blog after three months.

Homepage. Submit.

18. iTechCode

Domain Authority: 38

Submit original non-plagiarized articles that abide by the blog’s rules. You will need a contributor’s account to publish on this blog (follow the link below to register for an account).

Your article should not have any outbound and/or affiliate links.

Homepage. SubmitContact

19. IAmWire

Domain Authority: 48

They accept research, opinions, and ideas about entrepreneurship, business, and technology. Your article should be original and exclusive.

You can embed images and illustrations in the article for clarity and completeness. Received articles will be accepted within three days and published within 10 days of receipt.

Homepage. Submit.

20. Digital Inspiration

Domain Authority: 78

Accepts exclusive articles about personal technology, web applications, computer software, and personal gadgets. Your article must be original and purposed for this publication only.

Given the size and popularity of this blog, your article must really stand out to make it to publication. Read their publication guidelines before writing an article for your pitch.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

21. Techie Buzz

Domain Authority: 60

Techie Buzz is a top 100 tech blog that is highly rated for its articles. They expect you to submit similar (or better) quality articles for publication on their blog.

Read previous articles and the guest blogging guidelines for directions on how to get published. Make sure all your facts are verifiable.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

22. Technically Easy

Domain Authority: 42

No half-baked articles here. You must apply yourself to produce highest quality with verified facts. Write in natural language that resonates to everyday use of language.

Make use of title tags according to their guidelines for SEO and ease of reading. Your article must pass Copyscape.

Homepage. Submit.

23. Calling All Geeks

Domain Authority: 34

Calling All Geeks is looking for article contributions from tech writers. They are looking for original and unique articles that will satisfy their audience’s needs.

Once you publish your article on their site, you are not allowed to republish it elsewhere.

The article should not have any affiliate links in it, be properly formatted, and well-referenced. They will allow you to monetize your article via Google AdSense revenue sharing module.

Homepage. Submit.

24. The Wonder of Tech

Domain Authority: 39

The Wonder of Tech explores technology as applied to everyday life. Even though it is a technology publication, the articles submitted for publication should be explained using simple language.

Read their guidelines and abide by the rules if you really want to be featured in this blog. Send your pitch to Carolyn for topic approval before you start writing.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.


Domain Authority: 56

If you have Photoshop skills like James Fridman, you should do tutorials for this publication. You can also share quick tips that you usually use on Photoshop to create stunning graphics and get paid.

Their pay scale starts from $25-$50 for articles, $50 for a quick-tip, and $150-$300 for your full tutorials.

Homepage. Submit.

26. Tech Patio

Domain Authority: 33

Tech Patio is dedicated to providing exclusive tech information. They only accept original articles and they do not allow republication.

The article should look and feel natural (i.e. all links should be natural). They allow you to add do-follow links to the post but will not publish your post if it has spammy links.

Homepage. Submit.

27. TechFor.Us

Domain Authority: 34

They accept articles on Windows and Mac software. You can write tips, tricks, hacks, and tutorials for these software and submit to the editor for review.

Read submissions guidelines carefully and write a high-quality post for your submission.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

28. A List Apart

Domain Authority: 88

They are always looking for contributors due to the huge demand for fresh content owing to their popularity. They are very particular when it comes to the quality of the articles they publish.

Read their submission guidelines carefully before writing your article. They prefer the submissions in Google docs to expedite collaboration with the editorial team. Payment is $200 per article.

Homepage. Submit.

29. SitePoint

Domain Authority: 88

Are you familiar with Sitepoint? Well, they are looking for contributors to write about CSS, HTML, SASS, and more.

You can write an opinion article, research finding, new development, and/or a tutorial about such stuff. Make sure your article meets the threshold for Sitepoint’s quality benchmark.

Remember, your article is being read by professionals who understand their thing. You better be good at yours.

Sitepoint pays $150 for articles, $200 for tutorials, and $300+ for premium pieces (the editors will decide whether it is premium or not).

Homepage. Submit.

30. WordCandy

Domain Authority: 36

This website publishes articles about WordPress. All WP experts are welcome to forward their articles to WordCandy and they will get paid for the submissions.

Use the submission form to forward your article to the editor for review. Do not forget to include your rate per word.

Homepage. Submit.

31. Linode

Domain Authority: 82

Linde is one of the few giants when it comes to cloud hosting. They are looking for article submissions from freelance contributors who will write tutorials to help their readers and customers with their day-to-day challenges.

You can write about updates and tutorials based on Linux, servers, NoSQL, etc. Read their submission guidelines carefully before writing your article or tutorial. Payment is up to $300 per tutorial.

Homepage. Submit.


Domain Authority: 54

WPHUB is looking for content on the “serious stuff” about WordPress. If all you know about WP is the superficial customization, then you may be stretching your luck a little bit too far by pitching WPHUB.

They are looking for writers with insights on coding best practices, web design, plugin development, and many more in that line. Read their submission guidelines for more details before you start writing your post.

They pay between $100 and $200 depending on length and complexity of the topic.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

33. Vector Diary

Domain Authority: 43

Are you good at creating vector images and illustrations? Vector Diary will pay you to write tutorials about using Adobe Illustrator to create vectors.

Read their submission guidelines and pitch the editor with your tutorial. They pay $150 for every accepted tutorial they publish.

Homepage. Submit.


Domain Authority: 60

Atlantic also provides cloud hosting services and they are looking for technical articles and tutorials on how to use their services.

Read their blog to make sure that they have not covered your article idea before you start writing. Inquire from the editor their current rates per article.

Homepage. Submit. Contact.

Conclusion on Tech Blogs That Accept Guest Posts

This video illustrates applications of nano tech in today’s life. If you have an interest in nano technology, you can find a publication that will gladly publish your articles.

Armed with this list, you have an open-ended opportunity to starting your guest blogging career on the right footing. Analyze the publications on the list and settle for the few that will work for you.

All the best from me.


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